Swissborg is bringing smart contracts to swiss private banking

Swissborg is bringing smart contracts to swiss private banking

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November 8, 2017 by Hitesh Malviya

Swissborg is a blockchain-backed platform, which provides reliable investment services to individuals to manage their crypto-wealth. It provides democratic, transparent and trustworthy investment services and individual advice on how to invest in the crypto market smartly and profitably. The platform uses both human and artificial intelligence to provide the best services to its clients.

The creators of Swissborg firmly believe that blockchain is the next big thing of the twenty-first century. It will be the revolutionary and central idea, around which the whole world will have to readjust.

“Blockchain technology will be a massively disruptive force in the Financial Sector in the coming years. It will increase competition, improve services, access to information and reduce national barriers and transaction costs. Our mission is to create a cyberbank that offers democratic financial services”

Cyrus Fazel, Founder, CEO.

However, the blockchain world is already hyped-up in its initial stage because of various existing problems: lack of customisation and democratisation, over-fitting of cryptos, volatility risks, misinformation, unfriendly user experience, human errors, cyber threats, scams, hacks, etc. Although, it is obvious that blockchain is ever growing and non-stoppable now. So the question is not whether to invest in crypto-market or not. The question is “How to invest smartly and safely in cryptocurrencies?” Swissborg aims to reshape blockchain’s financial world forever by providing smart and safe investment services.

It is a Swiss made and regulated cyberbank, which is decentralised and based on community-centric values. Individuals and DAOs benefit from democratic and transparent services to manage their crypto-wealth. Swissborg offers “Tailor-Made Investment Mandate” to its customers. This service provides highly optimised portfolio management with AI, latest payment solution with IoT and highly secured exchange.

The platform provides a range of options and services for financial advice:

Cryptallion: This is the first product by Swissborg, which will give the participants an access to advanced investment strategies in cryptocurrencies, with a competitive fee structure. A Multi-strategy Token Hedge fund will be held, where Cryptallion (CSB) Tokens will be distributed. The CSB tokens will be 100% distributed to the network, and the customers would be able to use them to extract smart investment strategies on crypto-investments.

The Smart Mandate: This Investment Mandate is encoded in a Smart Contract and powered by Ethereum Blockchain technology. It will provide each customer with an access to investment managers and financial advisors worldwide. The combination of cryptography and digitalization here would allow more customization and accessibility to clients. Each customer will have his own 100% customizable mandate and will have 100% ownership of his mandate. The Client can configure their banking requirements and investment strategies.

The three services in Swissborg Smart Mandate are: First is “Token Management”, which will provide the clients with Swissborg Strategies, Qualified Investment Managers and Token Classification. It will basically provide strategies on how to handle digital tokens most safely and profitably. Second is the “Wealth Management Service”, which will provide Cyborg/human advisors to clients, and advise on portfolio management, risk management, legal advice and financial planning. The last service is “Crypto Assets Services” which will play the main role of reporting to clients about their crypto assets – debit card, IoT, NFC and CLP. Information on their Digital Asset Exchange, Token Loans and Investment Forum will also be provided.

The additional aspect here is that each mandate can have multi advisors for more accurate and safe information on crypto assets. The mandates can also be modified anytime, which provides complete independence and flexibility to customers.

Cyborg Advisor: Cyborg advisor provides sophisticated investment strategies, which are planned with both intelligence of financial experts and advanced technology (AI algorithms), which help clients to holistically manage their assets with ease. Smart Mandate gives financial advisors an access to a range of advanced technological services:

  1. Cryptocurrency asset class and “big data” to overcome any potential information limitation.
  2. Best-of-breed technologies i.e. “Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence” to improve analytical capabilities.
  3. “Swarm Intelligence” to emerge from the compilation of standard intelligence agents.
  4. “ERC20” tokens to allow tokenisation of Swissborg features, including voting rights.

(e) “Biometric Identification” for security purposes and key-purpose, that is biometric data will act as a private key, so their data cannot be unlocked without their authorization.

(f) IoT to interact with tangible real-world assets, etc.

Meritocracy System: This cyber bank is based on a meritocracy system, where every contributor of the community is rewarded in tokens. Swissborg is based on community-centric values, where trust among community members is promoted. Here, meritocracy system incentivises each member to provide the most accurate and reliable information and build trust among each other.

The main goal of Swiss is to innovate private banking into wealth management solution by merging it with blockchain. It aims to make banks and finances branchless and portable, that provide highly secure, transparent and customizable investment solutions. SwissBorg is currently in a fundraising phase and is preparing for its ICO starting November 21st. Check out their whitepaper

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