The former Finance Minister of Malta has joined the advisory board of QuickX

The former Finance Minister of Malta has joined the advisory board of QuickX

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May 26, 2018 by Hitesh Malviya
Malta's former finance minister joins QuickX

Indian blockchain company QuickX has confirmed that the finance minister of Malta, John Dalli, has joined their advisory board. With this partnership, QuickX, a crypto payments enabler, aims to be able to get greater reach in international markets.

Malta is commonly addressed as the blockchain island. The country is trying to address the ability to re-conceive how businesses can be operated through smart contracts, the use, and development of advanced platforms and protocols. It is determined to achieve its goal by trying its hand to put public transport service, financial services etc. on the blockchain.

While Addressing the Press Conference, Mr. Vaibhav Adhlakha, Founder and CEO, QuickX Protocol, said, “We are extremely delighted to have the Former Finance Minister of Malta, Sir. John Dalli with us, today. At QuickX we strive to add utility to the existing blockchain technology and believe that the beautiful country of Malta shares this vision with us”.

Speaking on the occasion, Former Finance Minister of Malta, Sir John Dalli, said, “I wanted to come to India for a long time and savour the vast culture that makes up this great country. I am glad to be here today and to experience some very prominent culture achievements of the past and the innovative technologies of the future that will change the world”.

“Blockchain is a technology that transcends the technical issues. Its core rationale is the delivery of information directly between the people involved bypassing any centralized data capturing and storing servers that are controlled by governments and big businesses. The outcome is restoration of users”.

Talking about the technology, at a press conference organized at Constitution Club of India, New Delhi, Mr. Kshitij Adhlakha, Founder and COO of QuickX Protocol, said, “We started working on blockchain in 2016 and saw that the promising world of blockchain has a few fatal flaws. We figured out that limitations such as Transaction speed, Cost, Scalability and Cross blockchain transfers are hindering its mass adoption. So we came up with the idea of QuickX”.

Pervasive interest in Blockchain

This kind of news headlines reaffirm the fact that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have captured the imagination of the world and its influencers. This particular deal is fathomable to an extent because of the nature of the country that the former politician represents and its keen interest in leveraging blockchain technologies.

For QuickX, this is quite an interesting alliance, as the product they’re building will require tremendous regulatory clearances. A former finance minister of a sovereign state is a perfect candidate to help navigate through the intricacies across various geographies. Furthermore, his leverage as a former head of state will come in handy as well.

Perhaps the biggest take away from this announcement is the validity that QuickX gets from having a regulatory partner in the form of Mr. Dalli. It will be interesting to see how this affects interest in their project in the coming months.

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