Top 10 altcoins for the month of November

Top 10 altcoins for the month of November

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October 24, 2017 by Hitesh Malviya

Sorry for the delay guys. After having burnt our fingers with last month’s list, we didn’t want want to publish our monthly altcoins list for October with so much uncertainty in the market. We believe that post-BTG fork, we should have some market stability and predictions would be more accurate.

Most of the exchanges have taken a screenshot of BTC Balance, BTG will be credited to our wallet in few hours with 1:1 Ratio. Now its good time to jump into altcoins for next two weeks. There are many good buying opportunities out there and we have done our research. finally decided to release a list of top 10 altcoins to buy now for Nov month. We suggest you do secondary research on these coins before making a decision to buy in.

1. Stratis

Market: Bittrex

Buy zone: 60000-66000

Sell zone: 90000-120000

Fundamentals: Masternodes release on 30th oct.


Market: Bittrex

Buy zone: 9000-10000

sell zone: 16000-20000

Fundamentals: Exhibition in two major conferences: 25th and 25th oct.

3. EVR

Market: Cryptopia

Buy zone: 65000-68000

Sell zone: 90000-110000

Fundamentals: Listing at Five exchanges on 30th oct.

4. DCT

Market: Bittrex

Buy zone: 8000-8500

Sell zone: 13000-16000

Fundamentals: unchained conference on 6th Nov.


Market: Bittrex

Buy zone: 17000-18000

sell zone: 28000-35000

Fundamentals: Steemfest from 1st nov to 5th nov

6. SYS

Market: Bittrex

Buy zone: 3000-3300

Sell zone: 4500-6000

Fundamentals: Planned rebranding next month

7. ADX

Market: Bittrex

Buy zone: 17000-18000

Sell zone: 27000-33000

Fundamentals: Low cap, Was bullish before the alts bleeding.


Market: Binance

Buy zone: 4700-5000

Sell zone: 7500-9000

Fundamentals: Project hype and good marketing support


Market: Bittrex

Buy zone: 170000-180000

Sell zone: 270000-320000

Fundamentals: Recently completed Network swap.

10. LUN

Market: Bittrex

Buy zone: 90000-100000

Sell zone: 160000-200000

Fundamentals: NA

Honorable Mentions

  • ENG, Buy zone: below 7500 – Binance
  • SALT, Buy zone: Below 530 – Bittrex
  • DNT, Buy zone: Below 1100 – Bittrex
  • IOTA, Buy zone: Below 7500 – Binance
  • AST, Buy zone: Below 4000 – Binance

How to use this Altcoins list

  • Do secondary research on these coins before investing in.
  • Use 30% of your fund for these coins, Use another 30% for day trading and keep 40% in ETH, LTC, BTC and Fiat.
  • Start with a small investment in these coins, raise investment once they start growing.
  • Shuffle your positions, when you see if any coin is growing and have solid fundamentals, Never jump in bull run, Buy in when any coin start dropping after the first run and have strong volume support
  • Join our telegram channel to receive day trading signal, we are making all premium signals available to free users for next two weeks.
  • Don’t get stuck with any coin in case it doesn’t move.
  • Those coins who have supported news, sell them before the announcement/conferences.


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