Top 10 Penny Coins to buy in 2018

Top 10 Penny Coins to buy in 2018

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May 5, 2018 by Hitesh Malviya
Penny coins

Penny Coins, or penny cryptos, are cryptocurrencies worth less than $1.00 USD. And the name itself can give shady vibes and warning signals but when dealing with cryptos, it is essential to keep an open mind.

Penny Coins are called so because their value is in pennies. But it is important to understand that this could be for a variety of reasons.

Newly-minted coins

A coin that is new to the market potentially owes its penny-status to the fact that nobody, or not enough people, are aware of it yet.

Plentiful Coin

A coin that is available in large supply which is why its prices are kept down.

Fallen Coin

On that note, a coin that was doing great in the market but has fallen to the low price is a penny coin.

Stagnant Coins

And opposite to the fallen coins, we have coins that never really took off, therefore, their penny-status.

In this list, we are going to list out penny coins that appear to have potential and might be a good investment.

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Telcoin (TEL)

A crypto in the telecom industry! Telcoin is an Ethereum-based blockchain accepted and distributed by telecom operators and is available to billions of users all around the globe via their mobile phones. The main focus of the project is to connect mobile networks globally.

The network will distribute Telcoin to the mobile network operators who will further sell them to the subscribers enabling easy conversion between telecom and mobile money, prepaid credit, and post-paid billing platforms.

Token Value Information:

Total Supply: 100,000,000,000 TEL
Circulating Supply: 29,259,751,257 TEL
Market Cap: $64,628,353 USD
ICO price: $0.0071 USD
Current price: $0.0022 USD


A blockchain-based platform working to make a decentralised economy of data-sharing. The network employs smart contracts to build an entirely autonomous ecosystem where each participant gains the complete ownership of the data they create. The network offers incentivised participation and aims to eliminate monopolised data-sharing.

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Token Value Information

Total Supply: 10 billion OCN

Circulating Supply: 2 billion OCN

Market Cap: $62,185,000 USD

ICO price: $0.027 USD

Current price: $0.031 USD


An AI-powered trust alliance, DATA is working towards providing solutions for major ad-fraud problems in the world today. The blockchain project is initiated and governed by Blockchain Data Foundation Limited and employs a reward system to incentivise end-users for their attention.

The project will work comprehensively to identify the fraud by analysing data pattern and behaviour through an AI algorithm.

Token Value Information:

Total Supply: 11,500,000,000 DTA

Circulating Supply: 4,626,502,186 DTA

Market Cap: $93,470,612 USD

ICO price: $0.0207 USD

Current price: $0.020089 USD

Nucleus Vision (NCASH)

Nucleus Vision is a contact-less identification system, an IoT-based platform which assists retailers in identifying their customers and serve them better. The network’s end-to-end technology provides a solution for storing and providing retailers with previously-informed data and information.

Nucleus Vision aims to deploy the IoT sensors across a varied range of markets such as residential, commercial, and industrial beginning with the retail sector.

Token Value Information

Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 NCASH

Circulating Supply: 4,118,936,345 NCASH

Market Cap: $186,281,368 USD

ICO price: $0.0435 USD

Current price: $0.0452 USD


The THEKEY project is developing an Identification Verification tool with a blockchain-based dynamic multi-dimension identification. The project is s decentralised ecosystem of Identity Verification Tool constantly employing National Big-data and blockchain.

The whole network is exclusively authorised by government authorities. The project is working to co-establish a smart economy consisting of digital assets, digital identity, and smart contracts together.

Token Value Information

Total Supply: 9,795,844,687 TKY

Circulating Supply: 4,504,993,287 TKY

Market Cap: $90,550,816 USD

ICO price: $0.0350 USD

Current price: $0.0201 USD (poe) is a cryptocurrency which reclaims value for content creators, publishers, and consumers. Using the platform, users can generate time-stamped titles resistant to mutation. The whole network is decentralised and powered by blockchain and therefore ensures safety, immutability, and verification of metadata.

Token Value Information

Total Supply: 3,141,592,653 POE

Circulating Supply: 2,277,026,355 POE

Market Cap: $131,142,145 USD

ICO price: $0.024 USD

Current price: $0.057 USD

Pundi X (NPXS)

Pundi X is a rather innovative platform which is making it easier for blockchain developers and token holders to sell cryptocurrency and similar services at any physical store. The project’s aim is to make cryptocurrency accessible to any and every one.

The platform accepts cryptocurrency payment in addition to payments through bank cards and mobile wallets. The Pundi X POS solution supports retail intelligence, order management, marketing, inventory management, and loyalty programs.

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Token Value Information

Total Supply: 67,774,033,721 NPXS

Circulating Supply: 61,438,169,970 NPXS

Market Cap: $267,035,476 USD

ICO price: $0.001039 USD

Current price: $0.0043 USD

Origin Trail (TRAC) 

Origin Trail is the first purpose-built protocol for supply chains based on the blockchain. The Origin Trail has developed a decentralised protocol that has been custom designed for sharing supply-chain data based on blockchain. The aim is to build transparency in supply chains.

Origin Trail provides stakeholders with an opportunity to securely share their data and keep it encrypted all the time.

Token Value Information

Total Supply: 500,000,000 TRAC

Circulating Supply: 268,257,242 TRAC

Market Cap: $63,804,449 USD

ICO price: $0.243 USD

Current price: $0.237 USD

Time New Bank (TNB) 

TNB is a blockchain-based digital currency designed to help develop a time-value transmission network capable of embracing payment flexibility and pricing transparency on a decentralised platform.

The platform has been designed to organise a detailed network consisting of a primary, secondary, and third-party market allowing for time-commodity exchange. TNB will be used as a currency to settle accurately any transaction and to extract the current and the potential future value of a commodity.

Token Value Information

Total Supply: 5,541,679,677 TNB

Circulating Supply: 2,361,679,677 TNB

Market Cap: $155,989,887 USD

ICO price: $0.035 USD

Current price: $0.066 USD

Dent (DENT)

Dent is a blockchain-based platform which is aimed at creating a global marketplace which provides everyone the opportunity to buy and sell mobile data packages. The project is disrupting the mobile operator industry. The project has easily navigable mobile applications which can be used by users to find the mobile data that they need.

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Token Value Information

Total Supply: 100,000,000,000 DENT

Circulating Supply: 10,614,760,961 DENT

Market Cap: $120,733,353 USD

ICO price: $0.035 USD

Current price: $ 0.00063 USD

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