Top 3 Altcoins to Buy According to Technical Analysis

Top 3 Altcoins to Buy According to Technical Analysis

Altcoin technical analysis
April 13, 2018 by Cryptoholic
Altcoins by Technical Analysis

Despite shoddy performance for Bitcoin and the crypto market as a whole, select few altcoins have been doing very well. As the crypto market consolidates, these alts should continue to lead the way. Here are 3 best Altcoins to invest in according to technical analysis.

1. POA

POA looks incredibly strong and shows no signs of stopping. The MACD and RSI indicators on the 4-hour chart are calling for a brief consolidation before resuming the uptrend. A good rebuy for the 5th impulse wave could be anywhere from 6000~6500 satoshis. Conservative target for wave 5 is 10,000 satoshi and beyond. With an upcoming rebrand on April 30th, the hype can take it much higher, especially if the market improves.

Buy zone: 0.00006-0.000065

Sell zone: 0.0001-0.00011

2. ICX

Ever since the strong bullish reversal following the descending wedge breakout ICX has maintained its bullish outlook against BTC. MACD and RSI look healthy and calls for a continuation of the bullish trend and this is supported by the price action which looks to be forming a rounded bottom or cup and handle. A move above the daily Ichimoku cloud signals for a Verge like a pump as ICX does not have very strong resistance. While this most likely won’t happen until a bull market, ICX will be one of the best performers during a bull market. The launch of the Icon ICO platform at the end of April should bring in a long term interest in the ecosystem.

Buy zone: 0.0003-0.00033

Sell zone: 0.0005-0.0006, trailing stop loss recommended

3. VEN


VEN has maintained an uptrend ever since its bithumb listing early this month. Although the catalyst led to a descending wedge breakout, VEN came back down and retested the resistance of the wedge to give us another buying opportunity. On the daily chart, there is a big bullish divergence which indicates further upside with a target of 0.00047-0.00052.

Buy zone: 0.00035-0.00038

Sell zone: 0.00055-0.00062

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