Top 4 Low Cap Coins for the Next Bull Run

Top 4 Low Cap Coins for the Next Bull Run

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March 13, 2018 by Cryptoholic
Top 4 Low Cap Coins for the Next Bull Run

In general, Cryptocurrency prices have stalled for 2018. Although it has recovered from the low of early February, the global crypto market cap is far from its all-time high. This consolidation phase is a good buying opportunity for many Altcoins. For the next bull run, the best gains will come from high-potential low cap coins that have not hit the spotlight yet.

1. OriginTrail- TRAC

OriginTrail is a protocol for building a supply chain based blockchains. Supply chains are estimated to be one of the biggest industries that benefit from the efficiency, incorruptibility, and transparency of the blockchain. While supply chain blockchains like VeChain, Wabi, and Modum already exists, they are platforms with a narrow field of focus. VeChain is focused on luxury goods while Wabi and Modum are focused on counterfeit goods and pharmaceutical respectively. The global supply chain of the world encompasses countless types of goods and OriginTrail allows organizations to build their own supply chain based blockchain with the specification that they require. Another advantage of OriginTrail is its ability to utilize different blockchains for fingerprinting which provides flexibility and ensures the longevity of the protocol by not having “blockchain lock-in” to one single platform. This could include Ethereum, Hyperledger, IOTA, NEO and even WTC & VET (making the data of said projects interoperable).

OriginTrail finished their ICO two months ago raising $22.5 million dollars. The project has attracted the attention of big retail and transport companies after winning the Walmart 2017 Food Safety Innovation Spark Award, and it is a member of the Blockchain in Transport Alliance which include companies such as UPS, SAP, Salesforce, FedEx, Uber, JD Logistics, Daimler, etc.

Current Market Cap: $47 million

2. TomoCoin – TOMO

Tomochain is a scalable blockchain 3.0 protocol that provides an efficient infrastructure for dApps, token issuance and integration. Tomochain is powered by Tomocoin and it is created by the co-founder of NEM and is currently partnered NEO. Tomochain will also enable zero-fee atomic cross-chain transfers between Ethereum and TomoChain and they are also exploring the possibility of transfers between other blockchains like NEO. Current on testnet, the Tomochain alpha mainnet will launch by Q2 of 2018 and it aims to support 1000–2000 Tx/s with minimal fees based on its consensus design and horizontal scaling. With the launch of the beta mainnet in August 2018, Tomochain will support all Ethereum smart contracts, masternodes, and pave the way for the transition to proof-of-stake in 2019.

It is founded by a veteran in the crypto industry. The Tomocoin team understands the importance of marketing and social networks for building a lasting cryptocurrency. Despite having just finished their ICO a few days ago, Tomocoin has over 18,000 members on their telegram channel, a functioning social media app on the app store, and a decentralized exchange and other ICO/dapps at work on the Tomochain network.

Current Market Cap: $25 million

3. CoinFi- CFI

CoinFi offers crowdsourced and professionally curated research, analysis, trading signals, trading algorithms, and market-moving news to give cryptocurrency traders the real-time market intelligence needed to gain an edge. On their whitepaper, they claim to use a multitude of techniques to provide impactful buy/sell signals for cryptocurrency.

They have recently closed a $15 million ICO and their COFI coin is used primarily as remuneration for community members who provide insightful technical analysis for price growth. They believe that a rising asset coin will serve as a unified incentive for everyone who spends time in generating good crypto signals for the community. Furthermore, it has a solid team with investment banking and equity trading background, who were cryptocurrency early adopters as well.

Current Market Cap: $10 million

4. AiGang – AIX

The AiGang network focuses on providing insurance to the Internet of Things ecosystem via the employment of smart contracts and Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO). Utilising the AIX token, AiGang aims to automate—remove any third party from—the insurance industry through the popularity-gaining platform of IoT.

Each member will receive the AiGang AIX token reward in return for taking either a bear or a bull stand on a particular insurance market and/or product. Utilising a proof-of-stake algorithm, AiGang can store a reputation score for each member on its blockchain. For this, in addition to the token ownership, prediction market, insurance pool mechanics, and the users’ proportion of the total number of AIX token will be taken into account. Their experienced team is another plus point here. 

Current Market Cap: $6 million

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