Top 5 coins to buy on IDEX right now

Top 5 coins to buy on IDEX right now

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July 16, 2018 by Hitesh Malviya

IDEX has become most popular exchange for initial listing of tokens after crowd-sale. Few tokens have shown a decent growth in bearish market. Its always ideal to accumulate good projects before they list on high volume exchanges like Binance. In this article we are covering top 5 projects you can buy on Idex.


Cardstack is a blockchain ecosystem that represents a giant leap in blockchain technology. On their website Cardstack is described as a “revolutionary experience layer that makes blockchain technology usable and scalable — creating a decentralized software ecosystem that can challenge today’s digital superpowers.”


Metronome is a cryptocurrency which is in itself the project of the company. They are creating a token called MET that works off the disadvantages of the cryptocurrencies that came before them. It is described as the cryptocurrency that will last forever. The changes that the company is proposing in order to increase scalability and future proof it are; introducing a mintage plan for the cryptocurrency, make the use and community totally autonomous, etc.

Holo Token(HOT)

Holo provides a way to unleash the enormous idle capacity in everyone’s computers. This gives us the power to build vibrant cloud hosting communities that will challenge how the Internet monopolies control our data and our interactions. Holo offers each of us the ability to participate by sharing, earning, and building the future of the web.

Medical Chain(MTC)

Medical Chain The storage of health care records are a sensitive subject because of the legacy systems used to store them and the ease with which they can be tampered with and changed, etc. Medicalchain proposes a change to this well-established system by moving all storage onto the blockchain so that there is only one version of the truth and only authorised accesses are made.


Atonomi is a platform that provides a new security protocol and IoT infrastructure to enable communication among IoT devices and between IoT devices and commerce. The company and its protocol promote interoperability between the all layers of the IoT field and propagates and simplifies communication between the two.


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