Top 5 coins you should buy in this bad market

Top 5 coins you should buy in this bad market

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October 11, 2017 by Hitesh Malviya
Top 5 coins to by in a (2)

While the Bitcoin Hardfork is making the cryptocurrency coin market bleed, it is also creating new opportunities for buyers to invest in good projects at a low price. In this article, we will cover the list of coins you should consider buying during this bearish market.


Coin Code: COSS

Market cap: $3,556,570

Current Price: $0.14

Short for Crypto-One-Stop-Solution, COSS is a team working towards providing a stable ground for the trade and exchange of crypto and fiat currencies. COSS aims at encompassing all features of a digital economical system based on cryptocurrencies. The platform was developed when like-minded people came together with the aim of bringing customers, merchants, start-ups, businesses, and service providers under one roof.

The COSS coin was launched in the market on September 25, 2017, and saw an increase in its price within 14 days. At present, 19.3% of this coin is in circulation. The COSS team is aiming at taking the usability of the cryptocurrency to the next level—to build a dynamic ecosystem where everyone benefits. COSS is among the few platforms offering exchange in both fiat and cryptocurrencies. After having steadied its foundation, the company is now welcoming participants to co-create the next crypto platform.

Target Price by end of the year: 0.4$-0.5$


Coin Code: SUB

Market cap: $34,870,000

Current Price: $0.13

Raising $13.8 million in its ICO sale, Substratum is an open-source network for the decentralised web that aims at offering an unrestricted access to people for the content on the web. Primarily a collection of nodes, substratum employs top industry cryptography to deliver secure content without the need for any additional software. The substratum node focuses on a user intuitive experience and lets everyone become a web host on the decentralised web.

The SUB coin was introduced in the market on September 25, 2017, and saw an increase of $0.09 in 14 days. 64% of this coin is presently being traded in the market.

Target Price by end of the year: 0.4$-0.5$ 


Coin Code: LINK

Market cap: $141,577,000

Current Price: $0.40

ChainLink Network is a decentralised network of ChainLink nodes each of which sells usage-specific data feeds, APIs, and other off-chain payment capabilities to a smart network. Smart Networks cannot communicate with external resources on their own which is a problem ChainLink aims to solve by playing the role of the middleware in the smart contract domain. With its innovative platform, ChainLink is working towards bridging the gap between smart contracts and principal off-chain systems. With the ChainLink Network, developers can access an on-chain contract representing the resource required by their contract to interact with off-chain.

Launched in September 2017, the LINK token has seen a price increase of $0.25. At present, 35% of this token is in circulation after having achieved a market cap value of $131,858,650 within 19 days of its launch.

Target Price by end of the year: 2$-3$


Coin Code: LRC

Market cap: $51,483,500

Current Price: $0.25

Designed to be a blockchain agnostic, Loopring is an automated, decentralised trading interface allowing trade of crypto exchanges and blockchains. It works precisely by raising the liquidity of cryptocurrencies. The platform allows order sharing wherein an order can be broken into small pieces and sold individually at the best time and exchange rate. Loopring aims at protecting trading from DDOS attack.

Launched in August 2017, the LRC coin saw a price increase of $01.4. Presently, 20% of this coin is in circulation in the market.

Target Price by end of the year: 0.75$-1$

Kyber Network

Coin Code: KNC

Market Cap: $205,720,000

Current Price: $1.49

Allowing trustless, instant, and liquid transactions of digital assets, Kyber Network is among the first systems implementing operating properties such as decentralized execution, high liquidity, instant trade etc. Kyber Network is a platform allowing the purchase of DGD tokens in a single transaction without the requirement of any registration and deposit with minimal confirmation time. One of the best features of Kyber Network is that it is compatible with existing smart contracts and therefore does not call for any changes. With Kyber Network, users can convert and exchange their tokens instantly and securely, make proxy payments in the form of tokens, receive payments from other cryptocurrencies and hedge against the fluctuations in price.

The KNC coin was brought to the market in September 2017 at the price of $1.85. At present, almost 61% of this coin is being circulated in the market with just 39% remaining.

Target Price by end of the year: 4$-5$

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