Top 5 Cryptocurrency projects from United States

Top 5 Cryptocurrency projects from United States

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September 4, 2018 by Hitesh Malviya
cryptocurrency projects from united states

United States’ stance on any issue is always hard to see clearly. However, in the crypto sphere, the country has identified cryptocurrencies as assets and not currencies. Even though crypto investment in the country is subject to capital gains tax, the nation has developed some amazing, and worldly popular crypto projects.

Top 5 Cryptocurrency projects from United States


  1. Ripple (XRP):

One of the most popular cryptocurrencies, Ripple is an open-source protocol that has been designed to allow cheap and fast transactions. The goal of the Ripple system is to enable people to move past the restrictions of the financial networks and enjoy a much freer crypto trading.

The Ripple platform allows the bridging of different currencies and makes possible an easy cross-border transaction among banking institutions. The slow settlement operations which including high operational costs and payment failure are the real-time problem that the cryptocurrency aims at solving.

Put in simple terms, the project addresses the need to keep the money flowing freely. The goal is to build on the decentralised digital currency approach and improvise the money flow.


Token Value Information

Maximum Supply: 100,000,000,000 XRP
Total Supply: 99,991,865,246 XRP
Circulation Supply: 39,524,508,956 XRP
Market Cap: $12,760,923,711 USD

Current Price: $0.322 USD


  1. DASH (DASH):

A hard fork of Bitcoin, the DASH network has been developed as the next generation p2p blockchain network featuring instantaneous transaction confirmation with a self-governing, self-funding model.

The platform is privacy-focused and employs PrivateSend to ensure that the user’s activity data is kept private. The concept of masternodes is also incorporated in the network to represent additional layer network servers that work in high-security clusters and provide decentralised services.


Token Value Information

Maximum Supply: 18,900,000 DASH

Circulating Supply: 8,273,394 DASH
Market Cap: $1,149,779,256 USD

Current Price: $138.97 USD


  1. ChainLink (LINK):

ChainLink is a first of its kind decentralised oracle service with which smart contract users can retrieve data from off-chain APIs, data pools, and other similar resources and integrate them on to the ChainLink blockchain. ChainLink works primarily to bridge the on-chain and off-chain gap (as is evident from their name) by taking the information external to the blockchain and putting it on-chain.

ChainLink is an interoperability-focused project that, in the simplest terms, wants to build a platform wherein blockchain-based smart contracts can connect to any and all external systems. The protocol enables smart contracts to leverage ChainLink oracle service in order to communicate with APIs and off-chain systems.


Token Value Information

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 LINK
Circulating Supply: 350,000,000 LINK

Market Cap: $106,351,404 USD

ICO Price: $0.189 USD

Current Price: $0.30 USD


  1. Nebulas (NAS):

Nebulas propose a future-oriented incentive and consensus system and the ability to self-evolve without forking. That is to say, Nebulas is an incentive-based, self-evolving blockchain system with a decentralised platform which provides a search framework for all blockchains.

Also known as the crypto google, Nebulas’ mission is to facilitate the conversion of public data into private data and eliminate the chances of giant corporations to benefit from this data.


Token Value Information

Maximum Supply: 100,000,000 NAS
Total Supply: 100,000,000 NAS
Circulating Supply: 45,500,000 NAS
Market Cap: $76,044,025 USD
ICO Price: $3.50 USD

Current Price: $1.67 USD


  1. Metal Pay (MTL):

A blockchain-based payment processing app for the iOS, Metal Pay allows users to send and receive money to friends and merchants and get rewarded for it. Metal Pay rewards you with MTL tokens for spending money or converting fiat into crypto. On spending, sending, or receiving money through the Metal Pay app, a user can earn up to 5% amount back in MTL tokens.

The project has been developed to revolutionize wire transfers and put an end to their high transaction costs. It works on the Proof of Processed Payment Protocol which is fundamentally a reward scheme that makes users eligible for a 5% value return in MTL tokens when they make any kind of transaction.


Token Value Information

Total Supply: 66,588,888 MTL
Circulating Supply: 25,468,831 MTL

Market Cap: $14,426,824 USD
ICO Price: $1.92 USD
Current Price: $0.566 USD

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