Top 5 Cryptocurrency projects in Healthcare

Top 5 Cryptocurrency projects in Healthcare

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September 3, 2018 by Hitesh Malviya
Docademic (MTC): The Docademic Coin marries the blockchain technology with science with the aim of providing free and quality healthcare to people. The project enables the transfer of information by using blockchain as a trustworthy platform for accessing information relating to health.   The Medical Token Currency, MTC, is the means which enables this interaction
Cryptocurrency projects in Healthcare
  1. Docademic (MTC):

The Docademic Coin marries the blockchain technology with science with the aim of providing free and quality healthcare to people. The project enables the transfer of information by using blockchain as a trustworthy platform for accessing information relating to health.


The Medical Token Currency, MTC, is the means which enables this interaction between the healthcare professionals and the people who are interested in their services. The interested parties, through the means of MTC, can exchange valuable data between them by using MTC as a token.


How does it work?

The platform is a global healthcare service platform which offers assistance to common masses in addition to ongoing medical classes, patient-referrals, and real-time reporting of epidemiological data for researchers and doctors—all through its multiple applications.


The platform works primarily on two applications—The Docademic App which employs AI to assist human doctors in diagnosing and treating patients and The Docademic for Doctors which is essentially a social network that provide users with necessary tools for receiving ongoing medical education and reduce errors in diagnosis etc.


Partnerships and Roadmap

With the aim of facilitating real quality healthcare, the Docademic platform has partnered with numerous health professionals and healthcare institutions. The platform is working towards building a global healthcare utility which sees involvement from all parts of the world.


The development of the project began back in 2012 but it was in 2016 Q1 that the platform applied its strategies to introduce new healthcare services to people through the use of blockchain technology. By Q1 2017, the Docademic Medical Assistance was deemed a success and expanded to a total of 20 countries.


The first quarter of 2018 saw the MTC token sale followed by the launch of the marketplace in Q2. By 2018 Q4, the platform aims to have launched itself successfully in Europe and US expanding to Middle East and Asia by 2019 Q2.


Token Value Information

Total Supply: 850,000,000 MTC
Circulating Supply: 220,629,589 MTC
Market Cap: $27,478,593 USD
ICO Price: $0.041 USD
Current Price: $0.124 USD


  1. Patientory (PTOY):

Patientory is a blockchain-powered platform that empowers the doctors, patients, and healthcare institutions to store, access, and transfer information safely and improving not only the healthcare industry but data security as well. The platform employs the transformational blockchain technology to ensure end-to-end encryption of the data while adhering to guidelines.


The network has been designed to help the entire healthcare community by giving patients a platform to store their health information securely; healthcare providers an instant access to the medical information; and healthcare institutions the solution to save cost on data breaches.


How does it work?

Patientory interconnects your system and care professionals through a blockchain-based network. The users can store and manage their health-related data, provide access to doctors, and get support from the community. As for healthcare providers, the network provides a platform where they can reach out to people who need their help and diagnose them by accessing their records.


The Patientory users will also have the opportunity to buy PTOYs which can be used to obtain space to store their data and pay for health plans and hospitals. Every single file is encrypted and shredded and spread through the network to ensure security.


Partnerships and Roadmap

The Patientory team has worked with institutions such as Tech Square Labs, Medtech Innovator, Women’s Startup Lab, Life Science Washington, and ATDC Georgia Tech in the past. Now it has partnered with DASH, Startup Health, BlockCypher, and Atlanta Tech Village to further the development.


The Patientory Network was launched in 2017 after it successfully developed a PTOYNet App for iOS. In 2017 Q3 and Q4, the platform saw the smart contract integration for DASH and PTOY. At the beginning of 2018, the network developed apps for Android and by 2018 Q4 they aim to begin the development of their pilot program. In 2019, the platform will be advanced a bit further and the machine learning platform, AI diagnostic module, and pharmaceutical pilot module will be developed.


Token Value Information

Total Supply: 100,002,000 PTOY
Circulating Supply: 70,000,000 PTOY
Market Cap: $2,630,276 USD
ICO Price: $0.729 USD
Current Price: $0.037 USD


  1. Medicalchain (MTN):

Medicalchain is another blockchain-powered healthcare project that utilises the blockchain technology to safely secure medical records and maintain the only version of truth. The platform brings patients from all over the world in touch with doctors, hospitals, researchers, and laboratories from all over the world.


The project is aiming to address the problem of safety of medical records while providing an immediate utilisation of health records by enabling immediate interaction between patients and doctors.


The aim here is to give users complete control over their data by giving them the freedom to provide different levelled access to multiple users.


How does it work?

The platform fundamentally has 3 participants:

  1. Practitioners who can read/write on the permissioned data and request permission for other practitioners to read/write.
  2. Patient who read their data, provide permission to other participants to read/write/access their data, have the liberty to revoke this permission etc.
  3. Research Institution who read the permissioned data.

Partnerships and Roadmap

Medicalchain is currently working in partnership with The Groves Medical Group in London, UK. Conceptualised in 2016, the Medicalchain project was launched in February 2018 and successfully established links with worldwide universities by the end of 2018 Q1. In October 2018, the project will launch its pilot in China, Japan, and South Korea followed by a fully-functional Medicalchain platform in March 2019.

Token Value Information
Total Supply: 500,000,000 MTN
Circulating Supply: 185,000,000 MTN
Market Cap: $4,413,180 USD
ICO Price: $0.318 USD
Current Price: $0.023 USD


  1. Project Shivom (OMX):

Project Shivom is a revolutionary healthcare project which is using the blockchain technology to enable a collaboration between DNA data donors and biotechnology, healthcare, and government-ordained research institutes. The project is aimed at developing the greatest genomic data-hub on the planet. The users own their genomic data, control the right to access it, and are incentivised for sharing it.


How does it work?

Shivom creates a genomics ecosystem on the blockchain where an open marketplace is offered for healthcare providers to add their services. The ecosystem then transforms this data into usable information, breaks them down, and helps accelerate the clinical trials through this.


The platform is working to help scientists develop solutions for all health problems the mankind has witnessed by studying the DNA of as many people as possible. The aim is to prevent millions of dollars from being wasted on ineffective medicines and develop solutions that can benefit everyone.


Partnerships and Roadmap

The company has a strong team which is working in partnership with Genetic Technologies, Ocean Protocol, Spherity, AmaZix, Element Group, Diacle etc.


The conceptualisation of the Shivom project began in 2016 and its roadshow started in 2017. In the Q1 of 2018, its whitepaper was released and by the end of Q2, multiple partnerships have been achieved. In 2018 Q3, the projects aims to partner with medical centres and data analytics with opening the first genomic service unit by 2019 Q1.


Token Value Information

Total Supply: 3,000,000,000 OMX
Circulating Supply: 514,530,789 OMX
Market Cap: $3,278,683 USD
ICO Price: $0.050 USD
Current Price: $0.0063 USD


  1. DentaCoin (DCN):

Dentacoin is aiming to provide a blockchain-based solution for the global dental industry. The platform introduces a novel insurance-like model and brings the patient back into focus through multiple blockchain-based apps for doctors, patients, and suppliers.


Dentacoin is working to create a community of dental industry by incentivising people with crypto currency. For this, the Dentacoin token has been created to help improve the quality of dental care and reduce treatment costs. The company is working to attempt at solving the major challenges that face the dental industry and improve the efficiency of the dental healthcare.


How does it work?

The Dentacoin network has introduced the Dentacare app that assists people in steps that need to be followed post-treatment with the aim of developing a long-lasting hygienic habits in children and adults. The platform also offers Dentavox, a WebApp that provides the recent most market research data through questionnaires and rewards.


Partnerships and Roadmap

Dentacoin has a rather broad network of dental industry around the globe with institutes such as Tridental, Contident, Group Health Dental, Clinident, StudioToia, Swiss Denta Prime, and Park South Dentistry under its partners.


The Dentacoin tokens were first released in Feb 2017 following the formation of Dentacoin Foundation in March. The public pre-sale was held in July 2017 followed by the first Tokensale in October. In May 2018, the Dentacoin Integrated Platform was developed. In 2018 Q4, the Dentacoin Assurance Testnet will be launched with a healthcare database integration achieved in 2019 Q3.


Token Value Information

Maximum Supply: 8,000,000,000,000 DCN

Total Supply: 1,963,173,416,170 DCN
Circulating Supply: 325,226,613,094 DCN
Market Cap: $115,669,486 USD
ICO Price: $0.001011 USD
Current Price: $0.000356 USD


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