Top 5 cryptocurrency to buy on KuCoin right now

Top 5 cryptocurrency to buy on KuCoin right now

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July 23, 2018 by Hitesh Malviya
Top 5 cryptocurrencies to buy on KuCoin

KuCoin is one of the best community supported exchange out there which reached over million users a very short span of time. KuCoin is also the place where you can find a couple of quality projects to trade. In this article, we will focus on top 5 cryptocurrencies which you can consider buying on this exchange for massive gains during a bull market.


DragonChain, is a blockchain solution that was initially and originally developed by and for Disney. Until 2016, the environment was exclusively for Disney, but after having gone open source, DragonChain is meant to help companies that want to transition their businesses on to the blockchain to be able to do so without too much hassle. The DragonChain blockchain solution is an essentially a serverless environment that allows other companies and enterprises to make the switch to the blockchain by using its applications in a safe and secure way.

Buy upto 0.50$

Target: 2$- 5$

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Safe Haven

Safe Haven is an inheritance, asset distribution and controlling solution. With more and more people investing big time in cryptocurrency, there has to someone who is looking after the next of kin in terms of the currency. Safe Haven believes that digital inheritance is severely overlooked and deals with making sure that their solutions empower businesses and look after the legalities of the matter. Safe Haven is basically a digital inheritance solution that is running on the VeChainThor.

Buy upto 0.30$

Target: 1$ – 2$

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Open Platform

The blockchain is a very advantageous technology for businesses to adopt and integrate into their workings, but one very big issue with the technology for now is its scalability. Open Platform aims to be the scalability protocol solution for the next generation of the blockchain so that people and companies that do make the switch can get the most out of the blockchain’s increased scalability.

Buy upto 0.08$

Target: 0.3$ – 0.5$

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TFD is the native token of a company called TE-FOOD. TE-FOOD is the only blockchain ecosystem that deals with fresh food. It connects consumers, local and national authorities, supply chain companies and farmers to bring about high standards of safety, eliminate loss and fraud and bring down costs for supply chain management companies.  

Buy upto 0.04$

Target: 0.15$ – 0.25$

Trade Now



Blockchain seems to be, by far, the largest innovation in the last decade and it is also the largest driver of change in the innovation ecosystem. To cash in on this, telecommunication companies who have previously been wary of the technology, are making a come back with Telcoin. Telcoin is a cryptocurrency that has been designed to be able to be exchanged on existing telecommunication networks provided by the world wide web.

Buy upto 0.0015$

Target: 0.005$ – 0.01$

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