Top 5 ICOs to look at for April

Top 5 ICOs to look at for April

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April 23, 2018 by Hitesh Malviya
New hopes for cryptocurrencies are rising in the second quarter of the year. This quarter appears to be an exciting time for crypto enthusiasts with many ICOs being launched for a diverse range of blockchain projects. The current bear market needs a much-calculated decision-making to reap all the possible benefits. Here is a list of
Top 5 ICOs to look at for April

New hopes for cryptocurrencies are rising in the second quarter of the year. This quarter appears to be an exciting time for crypto enthusiasts with many ICOs being launched for a diverse range of blockchain projects. The current bear market needs a much-calculated decision-making to reap all the possible benefits.

Here is a list of the top 5 ICOs that you should be keeping an eye on in the coming month.


Abbreviated for Engineering, Design, and Entrepreneurship in Nature, Eden is primarily an R&D facility which rewards members for problem-solving. The platform invites users to help them create solutions for world’s problems using the blockchain as the base.

The platform also has a peer-review system where other users review and replicate solutions to verify them. The company works in 4 primary categories including Blockchain, Med/BioTech, Renewables, and Aerospace.

The EDN Token

The team of engineers has created the EDN token which is short for the EDEN Distributed Network. On this network, challenges and bounties for various projects will be posted and each time a user submits a solution, they will be rewarded with an EDN token which can be used for purposes such as free education, free trips to the city of EDEN, equipment, and to purchase their products and services.

Once the users reach a certain level, the platform gives them the freedom to build their own teams along with other EDN token holders to talk about ideas contributing to the top-level goals.

The use of Blockchain

The transparency, security, and trust enabled by blockchain allow the EDEN platform to carry out its functions efficiently. By building all its products on the blockchain or leveraging parts of the blockchain enables the EDEN network to offer secure and fair services.

The EDN token is currently built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Token Sale Information

The team is yet to release details about the token sale date and supply. However, if reports are to be believed, each EDN will be launched at a price of 0.015 USD.

Token Distribution

35% – Contribution Rewards

35% – Token Sale

17% – Team and Advisors

10% – Community Growth and Strategic Partners

3% – Donations and Discounts

Neon Exchange (NEX)

NEX is a decentralised cryptographic trading and payment service platform which aims to combine the best features of centralised exchanges with the best features of the decentralised exchanges.

The platform leverages an off-chain matching engine to enable faster and more complex trades across multiple blockchains such as Ethereum and NEO.

How does it work?

The NEX system consists of three main components:

  1. An off-chain trade matching engine: This allows NEX to benefit from the performance characteristics of centralised exchanges. A user addresses signs and sends an order to the matching engine which deterministically processes it. Once the orders are matched, they are signed off-chain and committed back to the user accounts on the blockchain.
  2. Smart contracts: The platform employs smart contracts to maintain the security of the transactions.
  3. Payment Service: which allows the exchange of global assets to be converted to tokens.


Multiplicity in Sending Tokens: allows a user to send one or multiple tokens to one or multiple contacts at the same time.

Transaction Tracking

Decentralised App links: allows purchasing of items with a single click.

NEX-The Neon Exchange Token

If reports are to be believed, the NEX token can be used to avail the following services on the exchange:

Holders of NEX token can claim a portion of the fee generated by the exchange and the profits are shared similar to GAS staking.

To participate in the NEX token sale, investors are required to participate in a lottery the first round of which will see a maximum contribution of $1000 and the second $9000.

Token Sale Information

The lottery registration for NEX was opened on March 12th closing on March 30st and the winners of this first round were announced on March 31st. The second lottery draw winners were announced on April 8th.

The platform is yet to announce its token sale date however it is scheduled to be sometime in April.

Token Information Token Distribution
Maximum Supply: 50 million 50% – Public ICO
ICO Sale Amount: 25 million 20% – Founders
Price for both rounds: 1 NEX = $1.00 USD 15% – NEO Council
10% – Partnerships
4% – Company Fund
             1% – E.S.O.P

PChain (PC)

PChain claims to bet the first native multichain system that supports EVM in the world Making large-scale blockchain applications possible.

It has a POS-based multi-layer sharding mechanism with a novel pipeline design that tremendously improves the performance of transactions. It claims to be W3C compliant smart data effectively addresses the issue of nonintelligence in smart contracts.

It is aimed at a distributed artificial intelligence, distributed question and answer, big data transaction and many more use cases.

Token Sale Information

ICO details have not been published yet. Check out their whitepaper for more details.

Cardstack (CARD)

Cardstack defines itself as an experienced layer of the decentralised internet. Cardstack is offering an easy way to enable multiple dApps to connect with each other. It views every dApp as a card that can be stacked to communicate with each other.

How does it work?

When a user spends a CARD, it seamlessly forms a smart contract between the user and their chosen app. The CARD then gets staked into a reward pool following which the pooled tokens are periodically distributed to the creator of the apps based on a decentralised algorithmic payment and governance model which rests in the hands of the community.

Benefits for users:

Cardstack allows users to mix and match features from multiple apps or dApps without the complications of separate cloud subscriptions and/or utility tokens.

Users can design new workflows by joining services from multiple layers of the internet.

The users can get started with fiat currency.

Benefits for Developers:

Developers can use the Cardstack Framework to create powerful, card-based blockchain apps. The platform employs smart contracts powered by the CARD token designed specifically to create a sustainable marketplace.

  • 100% open-source
  • Enhanced app-experience by using the Cardstack’s off-chain aggregation
  • Access to a deep library of powerful drop-in functionality.

Token Sale Information

Total Tokens: 6 billion tokens (this is the figure for the token generating event. The total number of CARD tokens ever in circulation is 10 billion tokens. The 4 billion additional tokens will be mined and allocated over the next 10 years.)

Available for Token Sale: 40%

Token Distribution

40% – Available for Public

20% – Cardstack Foundation Reserve

15% – Cardstack Syndicate and Team Reserve

10% – Ecosystem Initiatives

8% – Airdrops

7% – Advisors and Agencies

Merculet (MVP)

Ever thought of getting rewarded for paying attention to the information on the internet? Merculet makes it possible for you. Positioning itself as a Chief Growth Officer of Global Entrepreneur, Merculet utilises the blockchain technology focusing on the transformation from the internet of information to the internet of value.

The Merculet platform allows users to add financial value to their attention. The network has been built on a decentralised Attention Value Network connecting the two sides of attention—supply and demand.

The platform creates a UAV (User Attention Value) Evaluation System which scientifically measures the value of a user’s attention. The team has built on open content platform based on consensus and driven by the MVP token. The tokens primarily function as the source of user’s attention and enable interaction between entrepreneurs and users.

The network employs a multi-chain and multi-asset model enabling a multi-layered architecture which works towards balancing the performance of mass internet users.

Merculet provides users an opportunity to grow without changing their habits and an opportunity for entrepreneurs to grow rapidly with their users by providing them deeper values.

Token Sale information

Total Volume: 10,000,000,000 MVP (finite supply; pre-minted)

Softcap: 10,000 ETH

Hardcap: 37,000 ETH

Private Sale:

Tokens: 21,000 ETH

1 ETH = 87,500 MVP

Min Contribution: 150 ETH

Max Contribution: 1,000 ETH

Main Sale: May 4th, 2018

Tokens: 16,000 ETH

1 ETH = 70,000 MVP

Min Contribution: 0.1 ETH

Max Contribution: 5 ETH

Token Distribution

35% – Foundation

30% – Token Contribution

20% – Team and Advisors

15% – Marketing

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