Top 5 ICOs to invest in March [Part 1]

Top 5 ICOs to invest in March [Part 1]

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March 9, 2018 by apurva sheel
Top 5 ICOs for March Part 1

As the market remains bearish and Bitcoin losing close to 3k USD in value, this is a good time to go shopping and there are some rock-solid ICOs that we have unearthed. Again, this is not financial advice and you have got to do your own research. So with that out of the way, here is the first part of the top ICOs to invest in March –


Operating from Palo Alto, ShoCard employs the blockchain technology to establish verified identities which can make transactions easier, more secure, and faster. Incepted in February 2015, the platform aims at providing digital identity by the use of blockchain.

ShoCard is basically a blockchain-based IM (identity management) platform which allows people to own and protect their digital identity with the freedom of choosing the time and user they want to share it with. The verified identification is established through ShoCard’s mobile application and a user’s data is constantly encrypted on the phone. The verification codes of all identities and transactions are stored on the blockchain. No data is ever stored on a third-party database which makes this platform reliable and non-vulnerable to any hackers.

The ShoCard Token—ShoCoin

ShoCard has created a cryptocurrency—ShoCoi—to offer users and clients some financial incentives. The token is a unit of cryptocurrency for a peer-to-peer exchange of value within the ShoCard platform. The currency is available for purchase (BTC, ETH, and other cryptocurrencies) and trade on several exchange platforms including Stellar.

Unlike most public ICOs, ShoCard does not employ the Ethereum network for its ICO and token. This is because of the 15 transactions per second limit of the Ethereum network which when compared to the thousand transactions per second offered by Stellar stands nowhere.

Benefits and Use Cases

ShoCard and ShoCoin enjoy the clearly visible benefits of security, privacy, and ease of use. With those benefits, the platform aims at transforming the fields of Enterprise Access (with device-independent username-less and password-less login), Credit Card Transaction Authorization, Remote Biometric Authentication, Call Center Authorization etc.


These use-cases are the just the beginning for the ShoCard platform. The platform is going to host an ICO with the sale of Simple Agreement for Future Tokens targeted at the end of the first quarter of 2018. The network is working with a major international airline and a government immigration agency to architect a blockchain-based Traveler ID. It’s major investors include AME Cloud Ventures and Morado Ventures and it has currently partnered with many new investors. The entire team is driven by the experience of building highly-scalable systems capable of serving more than 20 billion transactions by the day.

Token Sale Information

Token Sale Date: April 16th, 2018.

Total supply: 1,000,000,000

Price per token: $0.11 USD

Fundraising Goal: $20,000,000

Implied market cap: $110,000,000

Use of Funds

R&D and Operations: 50%

Business Development: 30%

Marketing: 15%

Token Launch: 3%

Legal: 2%


Metronome is the world’s first self-governed and cross-blockchain cryptocurrency which provides users with the opportunity to send tokens from one blockchain to the other. Enabling cross-chain monetary systems is the sole purpose of the platform.

The users of metronomes will have the freedom to choose the blockchain which best meets their needs and carry out their transactions there. Many authors hold the opinion that metronome offers a solution to the problems currently faced by many other cryptocurrencies at the moment—internal controversies. Since with metronome, a user is not bound to the rules of a single blockchain, it becomes easy to conduct the business.

Metronome does not aim to eliminate the existing currencies but has, in fact, taken from the strengths of those blockchains to build a platform which is a collection of the best. The team asserts that the token will not be governed by the control of individuals including the owners and therefore the token is resistant to the quirks of the individuals or disunity within the community.


Metronome has been designed to be the world’s first self-governing and cross-blockchain platform.

  1. Self-Governance: the token will face no undue influence once it is launched, will be resistant to an individual or community-influenced discord, misinterpretation, or disagreement. The token will be publicly accessible to all sale opportunities; the auction sale price will be determined by the descending price auction, and the token will be one hundred percent auditable and decentralised.
  2. Portable: The cross-blockchain portability allows the users to import/export to and from distinct contracts.
  3. Reliable: The token claims to have a predictable token supply and insurance.

The MTN token

The metronome token, MTN, is the first, truly portable cryptocurrency allowing for a transaction time of approximately 15 seconds. The token will be offered to the public via an autonomous descending price auction. The authors will be entitled to 20% of the initial supply. All the proceeds from the initial coin offering will be employed for the long-term support of the metronome community.


The metronome platform brings the best of all blockchains together to offer the people a comprehensively decentralised blockchain. The idea of the platform is entirely unique and has the potential to become the next big thing given that it is implemented properly.

Token Sale Information

Initial Supply: 10,000,000—out of which 80% will be made public and 20% will be given to authors.

Use of Funds

100% of the proceeds will be given to the MTN smart contract.


In one sentence, EdenChain is a blockchain-based platform that allows all the values to be capitalised and traded. The platform works on what is called a Programmable Economy Platform technology and can capitalise and trade all kinds of assets.

EdenChain allows you to employ the blockchain smart contracts to capitalise any and every tangible and intangible asset into tokens and trade freely without the interference of any middleman.

EdenChain believes that with the application of Programmable Economy, the transaction cost can be lowered, the profits can be shared among the community members, and a new market through the capitalization of foreign and domestic goods can be created.

Where does EdenChain come into the picture?

The successful implementation of Programmable Economy brings with itself two major issues—performance and non-secured connectivity. EdenChain aims to solve these technical issues by employing software and technology that can elevate the performance of the entire network and protect the blockchain against external hackers.

Since EdenChain is capable of monetising all kinds of assets and executing secure, cost-efficient, and fast transactions, it can be applied to industries such as IoT, Finance, Shared Economy, Games, and ICO etc.

Salient Features

  1. High Performance: As mentioned on their official website, EdenChain can execute large number of transactions quickly. The Namespace technology employed by the platform separates unrelated transactions from each other and allows the processing of multiple transactions in parallel.
  2. Cost-efficient: EdenChain charges are based on the number of executions irrespective of the processing by function.
  3. Security: EdenChains uses the E-bridge layer to retrieve data from numerous data sources, encrypts this data, and makes use of the median voter theorem to protect this data against hackers.


The platform plans to launch its ICO in the second quarter of 2018 but has already partnered with three major users—HelloEden (will be the first to implement this platform), MyCreditChain (using the platform to provide coins and blockchain technology and peer-to-peer services), and CleanDeal (a B2B open-market platform).

The currency will have a hard cap of 24,000,000 USD with 1 EDN priced at $0.06. One interesting thing to see is that the network is dedicating 50% of its proceeds to its technology. EdenChain does have the potential to reduce costs and friction in capitalising products if scaled correctly.

Token Sale Information

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 EDN
ICO token price: $0.06 USD
Fundraising goal: $24,000,000


Token Sale: 40%
Advisors and Team: 5%
Foundation: 10%
Strategic Partners: 15%
Founder and Shareholders: 13%
Accelerator Program: 12%
Bounty and Marketing: 5%

Use of Funds

Technology: 50%
Community: 10%
Legal: 10%
Marketing: 10%
Security: 10%
Operation: 10%


DIFINITY is a virtual computer created by an open network capable of increasing its capacity on the basis of the demand it receives. The platform is building a new kind of public decentralised cloud computing resource resting on an innovative blockchain computer similar in concept to the Ethereum but with improvised performance, and unlimited capacity.

The platform aims to become the base for all business applications of the world. Employing DIFINITY will free businesses from the clutches of databases and backup and restore systems.

The project has been built to research distinct ways of enabling publicly decentralised networks to host a virtual computer potentially capable of unlimited capacity.  DIFINITY can be construed as the extension of the Ethereum ecosystem. The team has built a shared virtual blockchain computer which is tamperproof and indestructible. This virtual computer allows the users to install and run software similar to smart contracts.

How will DIFINITY work?

In order to power a decentralised World Computer, the platform relies on the computational and storage capacities of the miners. The mining of the DINIFTY tokens requires the miners to run instances of mining client software. Each mining client will be required to provide a small amount of computational and storage capacity to the network.

This supply ensures an elastic demand and supply of the model. An increase in demand will only increase the network’s capacity and strength.


  1. High Performance
  2. Self-governance: the network introduces the algorithmic governance in terms of a Blockchain Nervous System which protects users from hacks and external attacks.
  3. Future-proof: the DIFINITY project can be said to be a visionary project building a never-like-before public decentralised cloud computing resource where the internet acts as a giant computer with radically innovate properties.


DIFNITY has not revealed the details of its ICO yet which is why it is difficult to make a comment on the goals that it wishes to accomplish. However, the project appears to be a visionary project with the aim of completely transforming the blockchain ecosystem. If implemented correctly, the DIFINITY network can pave the way for yet another revolution in the landscape of blockchain.

Token Sale Information

No token sale information is available as of now. Their Telegram channel says that they will be launching the whitelist soon. Join their Telegram group to learn more –


Etherisc is a blockchain-based insurance platform aimed at providing highly targeted insurance solutions. The platform employs smart contracts to enable automation of end-to-end payment with enhanced efficiency.

Etherisc is aiming for an all-inclusive approach wherein each individual irrespective of their financial muscle contributes to improving the insurance industry. Through the blockchain technology, the platform intends to transform the current insurance market into a P2P risk platform.

What will Etherisc bring with it?

  1. Efficiency and Automation: one of the ways in which blockchain can be used to transform the insurance industry is by employing smart contracts which enable end-t-end payment automation as well as semi-automated processing of claims.
  2. Access to insurance customers and investors
  3. Transparency: All transactions carried out on the Etherisc platform are publicly available and can be freely analysed by third parties. The platform will also provide a user-friendly and all-inclusive front-end showcasing the key performance indicators of the whole system.

The lower costs associated with the platform provides the markets which are still in their developing phase an access to insurance solutions of which, they might not be aware of otherwise. Currently, Etherisc offers a functional flight delay insurance model along with a social insurance model aimed at providing efficient protection against rare destructive events. Moreover, it plans to offer crop insurance that will pay out in cases of drought and/or flood managed by smart contracts.


The Etherisc platform brings an entirely innovative approach to the insurance system and the transparency feature plays well in its favour. The platform will operate on RSC tokens which will be made available to the public in a crowdsale which hasn’t been announced yet.

The company’s main aim is to utilise its funds in:

  1. Funding the development of the Decentralised Insurance Protocol and the community.
  2. Ground-laying commercial insurance companies, providing capitalization for these companies—preferably from the insurance business.

Since the industrial landscape is changing fast with the blockchain development, it would be certainly worth watching the impact an approach like Ehterisc will have on the insurance sector.

Token Sale Information

You can register to take part in their TGE here – 

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