Five ICO to watch out for this month

Five ICO to watch out for this month

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September 22, 2017 by Hitesh Malviya

If you’re willing to invest in some ICOs and couldn’t decide which one to choose, we have picked top 5 upcoming ICOs which might increase the worth of your folio. Continuing our tradition so far, here’s our list –

Change Bank

When you got a lot of cryptocurrencies, you need to store them somewhere like you store your money in the bank. Yeah! Change Bank aims to build the first global crypto bank, where you will be able to spend the cryptocurrencies anywhere with the help of premium debit card. Also, pay with the change token and earn extra rewards. Change Bank will also provide a lot of investment opportunities and other financial services.

As stated on the website:

“Change is a new age financial proposition for individuals with high financial ambitions. It is created for young and forward-looking men and women who feel disconnected with the way banks operate.”

They have also partnered with the most tech savvy EU country Estonia for the E-Residency project.

“Change has partnered with the e-Residency project by the government of Estonia, the most advanced digital society in the world. Change will be available to its projected 10 million e-Residents including Tim Draper and Edward Lucas.”

So, for your own satisfaction, read out the white paper here and get your chance to invest in the ICO before it ends on 16th October.


Wanchain comes with another advance technology which makes it a deal we can’t miss. Wanchain is a cross-chain smart contract platform where you need not worry about the platform while using smart contract or cryptocurrency because it connects different blockchains to exchange the value between them. (ICO is going to be live soon)

As written on their website:

“Wanchain is not merely a universal cross-chain protocol, it is a distributed ledger that records cross-chain and intra-chain transactions.”

Being a cross-chain platform is not its only specialty, it aims to provide :

  1. Distributed Cross-Chain Mechanism
  2. Universal cross-chain protocol
  3. Privacy Protection
  4. Complex Application Support

We think, definitely, Wanchain has got the potential to make it big in the crypto world. Grab your crypto and get some insights about this project right here.


LAToken is asset tokenization and trading platform, where you can tokenize and trade real assets via cryptocurrencies. The idea behind this project is unique and promising. Trading of a traditional real asset via cryptocurrency seems like a hot combination of both Stocks and Cryptocurrency market.

As the website states:

“LAToken transforms access to capital, and enables cryptocurrencies to be widely used in the real economy by making real assets tradable in crypto.”

ICO of LAToken is going to end on 26th September. So if you’re willing to invest in this project, participate asap in ICO before it ends.


Centra aims to bring the crypto world closer by introducing 3 services:

  1. Centra card and Centra Wallet where you will be able to spend your blockchain assets in real time.
  2. With 0% spending and exchange fee, get benefits from your crypto assets.
  3. About Worldwide Payment Platform as stated on the website :

“The Currency Conversion Engine Module (CCE Module) allows real-time conversion of all supported cryptocurrencies to give the user the ability to spend their assets in real time anywhere in the world that accepts Visa or Mastercard”

Centra has also been the talk of the town lately in crypto communities, and the idea behind the project, promising team and products makes this a perfect project to invest. Token sale is going to end on 5th October, hurry up!


Eventchain is a SmartTickets platform where you can buy various kinds of passes and tickets to events. You can create your event, promote it on the platform and issue tickets as well. In order to create events or to get tickets, you need to pay in in EVC, the base currency of the platform.

As stated on icobench :

“EventChainTM is an advanced decentralized blockchain token network that powers a unique smart contract ticketing system (SmartTickets™). EventChain solves many of the problems with current event ticketing systems available today while providing the additional benefits of using a blockchain as the foundation. Both the EventChain system and its tokens (“EVC Tokens”) encourages everyone in the ecosystem, including all stakeholders such as event managers of sport and concert events, party organizers, social clubs and ticket purchasers to sell or buy SmartTickets using EVC Tokens and other traditional payment methods.”

Eventchain’s token sale is going to end on 14th October.

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