Top 5 low market cap cryptocurrencies to invest

Top 5 low market cap cryptocurrencies to invest

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September 20, 2017 by Hitesh Malviya
Low Market Cap Currencies

Many of us are looking for the next cryptocurrency which could go 10x in value. Today, you can only make this kind of returns happen with low market cap coins. When they grow in market cap, it results in a hike in coin price. Market cap below 50M$ is typically considered as Low Market Cap in cryptocurrency market.  We curated a list of Top 5 low cap coins, which we believe can do 5-10x in next six months.



Coin code: $TRST

Market cap: 27.3 M$

Current Price: 0.29$

Markets: Bittrex


WeTrust is a decentralized financial services platform created to provide an intuitive and global alternative to the traditional financial services provided by banking institutions. WeTrust provides financial services through reciprocal aid models like ROSCA, allowing individuals to be both lenders and borrowers.

WeTrust was created in order to provide a global and transparent solution for reciprocal aid systems, ensuring that these can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection. Since ROSCAs only exist in certain limited locations and require a trust bond, many people don’t have access to them. WeTrust plans to change this with their first product, the ROSCA dApp platform. The platform not only ensures that ROSCAs are global, it also provides a more efficient way of creating and joining them.

The WeTrust ROSCA Dapp is a credit and savings platform which allows users to frictionlessly lend and borrow from each other at self-determined interest rates. WeTrust is being built to create a competitive alternative asset class for savers, to promote group savings as a way to reach individual saving goals, and to create an inexpensive path for the two billion unbanked to obtain and track their savings and credit.

According to their website: Vitalik Buterin is one of the advisors for them, it is said to be the first project for Vitalik as an advisor.

When to buy TrustCoin:

Buy at below 0.27$

Expected Price in next six month: 1.5$-2$



Coin code: $MSP

Market cap: 27.4 M$

Current Price: 0.19$

Markets: HitBtc


Mothership is building blockchain financial services around the Estonian e-Residence government program. The core services are an EU token market, an e-wallet connected to Estonian e-Residency, stable & secure cryptocurrency, and a cryptocurrency exchange.

When to buy MSP

Buy MSP at around 0.18$

Expected price to reach in next six months: 1$-1.5$




Coin code: $VOX

Market cap: 10.3 M$

Current Price: 0.05$

Markets: Bittrex


Voxelus is a platform that allows anyone, anywhere to create, share and play virtual reality games and experiences without writing a single line of code. Voxelus also features a real-time multiplayer app that plays the content created with the desktop tool, currently working on Oculus Rift and the Samsung Gear VR. Voxels is founded by serial Entrepreneur Halsey Minor  who is behind Salesforce and

When to buy VOX

Buy it around at 0.05$

Expected price to reach in next six months: 0.25$-0.5$



Coin code: $HMQ

Market cap: 17.5 M$

Current Price: 0.10$

Markets: Bittrex


Humaniq is aimed at economic cooperation of territories and countries with fragile or suppressive political regimes. The mobile device provides an escape to connect with the outside world and Blockchain removes many of the political and technical obstacles where governments might want to suppress the use of services.

Many people who are unbanked may not be well-educated or technically minded and so Humaniq has developed a simple interface to allow these users to get started. This clear bio-identification including voice and device location is the most logical approach to proof-of-face authentication for emerging markets and to reach unbanked communities.

When to Buy HMQ

Buy it under 0.10$

Expected price to reach in next six months: 0.5$-1$




Coin code: $DNT

Market cap: 24.3 M$

Current Price: 0.04$

Markets: Liqui


The DistrictOX promotes itself as “a collective of decentralized marketplaces and communities” which basically means that the platform aims at developing a virtual, friction-free economy. Here, users can post listings, browse and filter the listings they like, rank their peers, send out invoices and collect payments all with a single click. DistrictOX aims to create a free and flexible market to empower the next generation of Uber’s and Airbnb’s.

The organization structure of district0x is that of a Decentralized Autonomous Organisations. A DOA is a business model that runs on a set of rules encoded as computer programs or “smart contracts”. The project uses districts or marketplaces and communities that exist on the network, assisting web users in posting listings, collecting money and other core functionalities.

When to buy DNT

Buy it at around 0.03$

Expected price to reach in next six months: 0.15$-0.30$


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