Top 5 Upcoming ICOs to look at in July

Top 5 Upcoming ICOs to look at in July

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July 9, 2018 by apurva sheel
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The third quarter of 2018 is here and it only makes sense to keep an eye out for the novel cryptocurrency projects that will be coming our way. Here are the top 5 ICOs to watch out for the month of July –

  1. Perlin:

Perlin is a distributed ledger aimed at hardening and generalizing the Avalanche Consensus Protocol. The Perlin Network is armed with a decentralized compute layer which supplies it with an engine capable of horizontally scaling and processing all kinds of computational tasks with a high throughput.

The network will launch a new protocol combining these two worlds and will thus offer developers innovative means to power the world’s decentralized economy. To enable this, the network is introducing a cryptographic virtual currency PERL.

The network is working towards building a trustless network around an unexplored computing power supply to make supercomputing globally acceptable and economically viable.

The Perlin ICO and the PERL Token are raising capital to launch a scalable DAG-based protocol. The network is aimed at becoming a solution for developing decentralized apps requiring enormous amounts of computing resources and disk space.


The Perlin Network works on three major components:

  • A self-audited distributed ledger
  • A cryptographic proof of Computational Resources
  • A framework for highly-parallel blind computing.

The network will utilize the underrated computing power of computers, mobile phone, gaming consoles and therefore quantify the available resources.

Why should you watch out for this ICO?

The implementation of the Avalanche consensus can potentially provide a new paradigm for the DAG-based linear scalability which is more secure, scalable and has no leader. If the initial test results of the consensus remain steady, we will be looking at a network of almost more than 1600 tps on a network of 2000 nodes.

Moreover, the project has an edge over the other decentralized computing platforms in that it allows the consumers to designate the level of RAM and CPU required for their computing tasks through its cryptographically secure proofs.

However, the success of the network will ultimately depend on its adoption by miners. The ICO date of Perlin is yet TBA.

  1. Aergo:

Aergo is advertising itself as The Blockchain Fuel for Autonomous Business. The platform proposes a 4th generation enterprise ready blockchain protocol which fosters a comprehensive ecosystem of complementary decentralized apps, technologies, and service providers leveraging the secure cloud delivery networks.

The Problem

Aergo sheds light on how the currently existing smart contract platforms and marketplaces do not succeed in incorporating the critical infrastructure requirements for developing and hosting dapps. Majority of dapps, as the network claims, are built and hosted on decentralized platforms with slow tps, high operational cost, and incompatibility with majority IT systems.

The Solution

Aergo aims to solve this problem by providing a feature-rich, open, and easily-operational blockchain platform for enterprise businesses and developers.

Essentially, the network aims to empower organizations with the ability to tailor their blockchain deployments to their precise needs. The platform is developing a new blockchain protocol which has advanced and easily-operational developer tools along with a fine dapp orchestration and deployment framework.


Aergo works on three main architectural functions:

  • Aergo Chain: which is the public internet of the blockchain.
  • Aergo Hub: which is the public interface in the Aergo Chain
  • Aergo Marketplace: which is a one-stop solution for computing resources, software applications, etc.

The Aergo platform seeks to leverage and extend the private and the public blockchains supported by the modern cloud architecture. The team is working with the intention of becoming a 4th-gen distributed modern ecosystem constructed around a high-performance public blockchain.

Why should you watch out for this ICO?

Aergo is potentially going to be the most exciting project of Q3 of 2018. The architecture behind the project has been designed with the aim of solving real blockchain-world problems. The project will bode well especially for enterprises because of its ability to provide privacy and permission throughout the design.

The team behind the project is also well-experienced and even though its market appearance is low at the time, its hype on the social media is bound to show results. The one thing that might be a hurdle is the seamless competition it has.

The total supply of the AERGO tokens is 500,000,000 out of which 30% will be available for token sale sometime in July. The exact date of the ICO is TBA.

  1. Ankr Network:

The Ankr Network is striving to construct a blockchain framework which is resource-efficient enough to completely enable Distributed Cloud Computing (DCC) while providing a user-friendly infrastructure for business applications.

Among the already existing cloud solutions, Ankr is in fact the first one to leverage both trusted hardware and blockchain. The trusted hardware that the network employs is Intel SGX which is a new set of instructions permitting the execution of an application within a hardware enclave and protecting the integrity and confidentiality of an application against major hardware and software attacks. The implementation of SGX generates an authentication that can remotely verify an operation.


The Ankr Network is built on 4 major technologies:

  • Proof of Useful Network (PoUW): which is a consensus that makes possible the self-sustainability of the blockchain framework. PoUW will direct the computing power towards useful work provided by consumer and enterprises and not on hashes. This approach is aiming at unlocking the huge potential of idle computing power around the world by incentivizing the participants.
  • Distributed Cloud Computing Platfrom
  • Seamless Interface of Oracle Service
  • Multi-chain structure supporting consortiums

Why should you watch out for this ICO?

The Ankr Network is an ambitious project that is aiming to provide a solution for many of the problems that the blockchain industry faces today. The novel consensus algorithm, the Oracle data feed, and the side chain structure along with a distributed computing can prove to be highly substantial. The network has strong backings from multiple reputable investors which also gives it a strong edge.

The ANKR token is an ERC-20 compliant token and the fundraising goal of the network is $16,000,000 USD. The token sale period is yet TBA.

  1. Carry Protocol:

Carry Protocol is an innovative project that aims to connect offline merchants and their potential consumers through the blockchain. Carry Protocol is working to solve the problems of offline merchants who find it difficult to keep their business going.

Carry Protocol will essentially offer a platform for merchants to understand and communicate with their audience and enable them to monitor their payment data along with a transparent advertising channel.


The Carry Protocol works on two major parts:

  • The blockchain which consists of the Carry Transaction Database (a virtual database on the Carry blockchain where consumers upload the transaction data) and Carry Smart Contracts (which support the issuance and use of tokens)
  • The APIs which connect the blockchain to third-party software through Carry Wallet API (enables wallet apps to support the protocol and allows consumers to manage their cryptocurrency) and Carry Device API (which allows devices at the offline stores to support the protocol and the option to pay with cryptocurrency while sending the same data to consumer’s wallet.)

Why should you watch out for this ICO?

To begin with, Carry Protocol has the establishing team of Spoqa as its founders. The first market for the coin is South Korea—a highly crypto-friendly country. For the flipping potential, the project does appear to have an okay performance but the project seems like a good option for long-term investment.

The token sale of the project is to go live in July although no particular date is known. The CRE token is an ERC-20 compliant token with a fundraising goal of 47,000 ETH.

  1. QuickX:

The QuickX Protocol has been designed to perform decentralized cross-blockchain transactions. The protocol will perform off-the-chain transactions for the same blockchain assets while using pooling facilitators supplying liquidity for cross-chain crypto asset transfers.

QuickX is aimed at providing instant and seamless transfer of different cryptocurrencies between two parties without the need for a high transaction fee.


QuickX features:

  • A multi-currency wallet
  • A multi-currency debit card
  • A cryptocurrency swap option
  • A payment gateway

QuickX proposes to build a back-end exchange and provide APIs that convert users’ crypto instantly in a cryptographically secure way. The aim is to change the status of cryptocurrency from a share-like object to a real, spendable currency.

Why should you watch out for this ICO?

While solutions similar to QuickX exist under the name of Kyber Network and 0x protocol,  the uniqueness of the project lies in its ability to make cross-chain transfers instantly through the use of pooling facilitators. This feature enables communication between differing blockchain protocols by connecting them.

The ICO date of the project is yet TBA but the project aims to raise 4,000 ETH in Soft Cap and 29,123 ETH in Hard Cap. Around 250,000,000 QCX is available for crowdfunding and 50,000,000 for private sale.


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