Top 10 Altcoins for December

Top 10 Altcoins for December

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December 4, 2017 by Hitesh Malviya
To 10 Altcoins for December

BTC is skyrocketing and alts are looking bullish. It’s the right time to invest and here’s our altcoins list for December. Five of our picks from November’s List ($Sys, $Trig, $Strat, $Steem and IOTA) hit sell targets. IOTA especially did 400% growth last month. As successful as the November list was, we still suggest you do secondary research on these coins before making a decision to buy in. We are bullish about low cap coins for this month.

1. Bitcoin Cash

Market: Bittrex

Buy zone: upto 0.14 BTC

Sell zone: Above 0.22 BTC

Fundamentals: Listing on Coinbase on 1st jan.

2. Tokencard

Market: Bittrex

Buy zone: upto 8600 Satoshis

Sell zone: Above 15000 Satoshis

Fundamentals: Delisting from bittrex on 8th Dec, expect a pump before delisting.

3. Okcash

Market: Bittrex

Buy zone: upto 4200 Satoshis

Sell zone: Above 7500 Satoshis

Fundamentals: Listing on upbit on 8th Dec.

4. DCT

Market: Bittrex

Buy zone: upto 7600

Sell zone: Above 13000

Fundamentals: Two major conference in this month.

5. ETC

Market: Bittrex

Buy zone: upto 0.0026 BTC

sell zone: Above 0.0035 BTC

Fundamentals: Hard fork on 11th Dec.

6. XLM

Market: Bittrex

Buy zone: upto 800 Satoshis

Sell zone: Above 1200 Satoshis

Fundamentals: Partnership event with Satoshipay on 12th dec.

7. VTC

Market: Bittrex

Buy zone: upto 65000 Satoshis

Sell zone: Above 110000 Satoshis

Fundamentals: Block Reward Halving on 12th dec

8. EMC2

Market: Bittrex

Buy zone: upto 7500 Satoshis

Sell zone: Above 12000 Satoshis

Fundamentals: Hard fork and one major announcement in this month


Market: Bittrex

Buy zone: upto 70000 Satoshis

Sell zone: Above 12000 Satoshis

Fundamentals: Client Core release on 30th Dec

10. CFI

Market: Bittrex

Buy zone: upto 1250 Satoshis

Sell zone: Above 2000 Satoshis

Fundamentals: NA

Best strategy for at least 60% Profits

Buy ETC at given buy zone sell before 11th Dec, Invest capital amount and profits in BCC, Hold till month end. You will end up making at least 60% profits by this way.

How to use this Altcoins list

  • Do secondary research on these altcoins before investing in.
  • Use 30% of your fund for these altcoins, Use another 30% for day trading and keep 40% in ETH, LTC, BTC and Fiat.
  • Start with a small investment in these altcoins, raise investment once they start growing.
  • Shuffle your positions, when you see if any coin is growing and have solid fundamentals, Never jump in bull run, Buy in when any coin start dropping after the first run and have strong volume support
  • Join our telegram channel to receive day trading signal, we are making all premium signals available to free users for next two weeks.
  • Don’t get stuck with any coin in case it doesn’t move.
  • Those coins who have supported news, sell them before the announcement/conferences.


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