Top 5 crypto YouTube channels you need to follow today

Top 5 crypto YouTube channels you need to follow today

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July 18, 2018 by Ramaa Mohan
Top 5 cryptocurrency channels on YouTube

The cryptocurrency market is everywhere and nowhere. With conventional media and regulators constantly slamming it and online ‘experts’ and investors constantly praising it, it leaves the newbies in a pretty confusing fix.

Even after you’ve decided to enter the market it is very difficult to separate find genuine sources of information from the more popular FUD that manages to make its rounds. A good place to start when you’re looking for information on the cryptocurrency market is YouTube.

YouTube has a whole bunch of people that have channels that periodically post videos about what’s what and what’s new in the cryptocurrency market. There is plenty to choose from, but here is a list of the top 5 cryptocurrency channels, based on subscription, viewership, humour and more.


With a subscription volume of 300K, Nicholas Merten’s channel DataDash tops this list. Nicholas Merten is an analyst who became an investor. Following which he started the channel in January of 2017.

His channel has a mixture of videos that deal with news, trade recommendations, interviews and coin analysis and he turns out about 4-5 videos weekly.

Subscriber Count:  308,000
Total Views:15,295,770

Crypto Daily

Based out of the United Kingdom, the face of Crypto Daily is a caucasian man with a thick British accent. The channel covers a lot of the current news and trends with insights into why and how.

Probably the funniest part about this channel is the levels of sarcasm and satire that is employed, making each video more enjoyable than the last. Not to mention, Crypto Daily is also probably the only channel that makes crypto music videos and boy are they good.

The channel itself started a long time ago in June 2014 and the channel churns out at least one video a day.

Subscriber Count:  109,000
Total Views:6,971,194


Suppoman is the name of the superhero that presents the videos on the show the channel calls “Savage Cash”. The face of this channel does, like the others, news, trade recommendations and sometimes ICO reviews.

The man behind the channel has a bunch of courses on Udemy that he endorses pretty strongly in all of his videos, however, apart for that he provides an unbiased opinion on things and is pretty trustworthy for what it’s worth.

Subscriber Count:  147,000
Total Views:12,739,525

Ivan On Tech

Ivan on Tech is hosted by an international blockchain speaker called Ivan Liljeqvist from Sweden. On his channel he dives into the technical aspects of the market and the cryptocurrencies he covers and is all about business.

He shares a lot of technical insights that are, believe us, not for the faint hearted. He is a software developer who specializes in the blockchain and hence his entire life is the blockchain.

He started his channel in July 2013 and turns out a video a day.

Subscriber Count:  181,000
Total Views:9,705,774

Coin Mastery

To get a good idea of the current pulse of the cryptocurrency market and the community, Coin Mastery is the place to be. He covers news and trends from Monday through to Friday.

The face of the channel considers, quite openly, the blockchain and cryptocurrency market to be the world’s greatest financial revolution.

The channel turns out at least one video a day, covering the latest news and trends in the cryptocurrency market.

Subscriber Count:  131,000
Total Views:6,415,358  

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