Top 4 platform based cryptocurrencies to invest in

Top 4 platform based cryptocurrencies to invest in

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December 17, 2017 by apurva sheel
Top 4 platform based crypto

Platform based cryptos are one of the major tracks that the future of crypto currency is bound to travel. Platform based cryptos are basically complete blockchain technologies that have their own set of rules and which offer other technologies to be built upon them.

According to the present scenario of the blockchain market, platform based cryptos are the thing to invest in since they have the potential to amplify the investment multifold.

Here is a list of top platform-based cryptos that should be on your list if you’re willing to invest.


A decentralised platform that runs on smart contract technology and already has multiple projects built upon it. The entire network runs on a custom-built blockchain which has the potential to move value around and represent property ownership throughout the globe.

Ethereum is an open software platform based on the blockchain technology that makes it possible for users to build and organize decentralised applications. Unlike Bitcoin which places the focus on tracking the ownership of digital currency, Ethereum focuses on running the programming code of any and every decentralised application.

Any service which is centralised can be decentralised with the use of the Ethereum platform. Also, this platform can be used to build Decentralised Autonomous Organizations which work without any centralised control. A DAO is owned by anyone and everyone who makes a purchase of a token which instead of equating to equity share give people voting rights on the platform.

Launched in August 2017, the ETH coin currently has the market cap value of $44,752,995,670 USD.


OmiseGo is an Ethereum-based, public financial technology which can be used in digital wallets enabling real time, p2p, value exchange. Users can access OmiesGo via the OmiesGo network and digital wallet framework.

OmiesGo enables a decentralised exchange on a public blockchain at low cost and high volume which operate across assets and currencies. The OmiseGo network is connected to the Ethereum main net and can be used for making financial transactions such as payments, B2B commerce, asset management and trading, payroll deposit to name a few—all on a decentralised network.

Users have the opportunity to manage fiat tokens, cryptocurrencies, and other assest using the OmiseGo platform.

The OMG token was launched in 2015 and its current market value stands at $854,107,383 USD.


Known as the Chinese Ethereum, NEO is a community based blockchain project that employs the blockchain technology to digitise assets, automate their management via smart contracts, and realise a smart economy.

It appears that NEO is working towards developing a new smart economy for the future. The Neo system consists of:

  • DBFT alfgorithm which allows the system to maintain consensus even when malicious intentions are witnessed.
  • NeoX which creates the ability to execute and operate across various Blockchains.
  • NEO Contract which is the mechanism used for creating smart contracts.
  • NeoFS which is a service that allows decentralised stages.
  • NeoQ which is a cryptographic mechanism which ensures quantum-proofing.

The NEO coin currently stands at a market cap value of $2,272,601,500 USD.


Stratis was launched with the aim of becoming a blockchain-as-a-service (BAAS) platform. It is a blockchain-based platform which works to help businesses in implementing blockchain technology for various use cases.

Startis works by allowing businesses to create their custom blockchain applications with required features making development simpler. All the custom-created blockchains are secured on the main Startis blockchain and can be accessed via APIs.

Startis hosted its ICO in July 2016 and raised around $675k in the sale. It has shown an incredible growth of price from $0.023 in 2016 to $7.71 at present.

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