[Trade Recommendation] STRAT Retracement Complete

[Trade Recommendation] STRAT Retracement Complete

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May 3, 2018 by Cryptoholic
STRAT Header

STRAT is a blockchain development platform that focuses on privacy and enterprise solutions. With Stratis blockchain applications can be built using C# programming language, allowing businesses to take utilize of trustless conditional transactions, smart contracts, and decentralized applications. Stratis is the ideal blockchain for businesses since it allows for easy integration with businesses that rely on Microsoft’s .Net platform and its C# language.

Market Cap: $2 billion

Current Price: $7.25

All time High: $21.21

Fundamental Analysis

Stratis will be launching several major developments in the second half of 2018 including the launch of their ICO platform, full node mainnet beta, Breeze Wallet privacy protocol and Stratis Academy. These are major milestones on the Stratis roadmap and they will take the project one step closer towards its goal of becoming an enterprise solution platform.

Upcoming Events

May 5thBlockhack Conference
May 9thICO Platform Launch
Before May 31stFirst Stratis ICO – Glucon
Q2 2018Two STRAT ICO to be announced
Q2 2018Full Node GUI Mainnet Beta Release
Q2 2018Breeze Wallet with Privacy Protocol
Q2 2018Stratis Academy Course release

Technical Analysis


After an exciting start for 2017, STRAT prices have lagged behind in the bull markets of late 2017 and early 2018. As can be seen on the weekly chart, STRAT has been able to find a bottom for its retracement in last month and has now started a weak uptrend with a bull break on the horizon.  With strong upcoming catalyst for the second half of 2018, STRAT should be able to break above the resistance at 0.00087 with a target of 0.0014. From that point on if the crypto market continues to be bullish, STRAT can complete the double bottom formation which will suggest further gains.

Entry: 0.0008~0.0007

Target: 0.0014+

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