[Trade Recommendation] Substratum a Solution for a Free Web

[Trade Recommendation] Substratum a Solution for a Free Web

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April 29, 2018 by Cryptoholic

Substratum is a blockchain project that allows anyone with its open-source software to allocate spare computing resources to host websites and serve requests. Simple in execution, this concept allows Substratum to bypass internet censorship and open up web content to those with restricted access to sites without a need for a VPN or Tor. Instead of relying on a largely centralized web host, Substratum users can connect to a network that is run on millions of individual computer nodes with no central point of failure. With the entire network being encrypted and decentralized,  potentially malicious actors such as government, web hosts, and hackers would not be able to monitor or control where you visit on the web, paving the way for a free and open internet.

Market Cap: $305 million

Current Price: $0.79

All time High: $3.05

Fundamental Analysis

Net neutrality, internet censorship, and web privacy are hot topics in today’s world and Substratum has been doing an excellent job of inserting themselves into the conversation. In addition to being a strong project with a vibrant community, Substratum has been actively expanding awareness in their project and mission through mainstream media. Taking advantage of the recent Facebook data scandal and discussion around net neutrality, Subtratum was be was featured on FoxBusiness with Rob Lowe on the Success Files. Getting exposure on a major American TV network with a well known US celebrity will bring great awareness to the project and their mission.

Technical Analysis

SUB has been able to establish a healthy uptrend with rising volume after the recent crypto market crash. Currently, a bullish cup and handle and bull flag has formed for SUB and with rising optimism in the crypto market, it is bound to break out any day. On the lower timeframes, a hidden bullish divergence can be spotted on the bull flag and within a week SUB should break the resistance at 9200 satoshis and accelerate towards its former high of 20000 satoshis.

Entry: 0.000085~0.000080

Target: 0.0002+

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