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This era of technology has left no field untouched. And where there is an anticipation of the new, the better and the progressive – there is a rising wave in security and defence organizations. The so-called ‘Smart’ technology is now available for guns (and most weapons accordingly) nowadays. Smart guns, which have recently entered the market, are firearms embedded with small computers that are supposed to enhance safety by preventing anyone other than authorized parties from firing the weapons, and, in some cases, by ensuring that the guns only fire when aimed at inanimate targets. But as a Forbes article elaborates this,

“Computers malfunction and authentication technology is not perfect. Lawfully armed citizens protecting themselves and/or their families could be killed if their weapons malfunction during a home invasion or attempted rape. While some have argued that conventional semi-automatic handguns also periodically jam, smartguns add a whole new dimension of failure possibilities”

Amongst a dozen other problems, the viability and ethical motives of smartguns can be easily questioned. During a such a time, where accountability might drop to nil over technical failures and unethical hacking might lead to the shedding of blood of the innocent masses, the BlockSafe Foundation has brought along a platform which deals with most, if not all, of the threats that Smart Guns put over our heads.

Blocksafe foundation

Founded by Kevin Barnes, a U.S. Army Veteran who has more than 20 years of experience as a Systems Coder, the BlockSafe Foundation is a decentralized infrastructure for sensor-based defence technologies. As their website quotes, they hope that smart devices and systems based on the blocksafe network will significantly increase the flexibility, speed, anonymity and safety features and usher them into the modern age of defence.

The team consisting of Harvard Business School graduate and CEO of Fuel50 – Andrew Flipowski, Co-Founder of BitAngels and Bcommerce Labs – Michael Terpin, Creator of Justifire – Jason Christopher Palazzolo and a few names like Wolfgang Ward, Christopher Samples, Emmanuel Rangel and Patrick Feeney, spent months on brainstorming over the network that will be the ultimate platform to host innovative and promising solutions that can be absorbed into the ever-evolving existing ecosystem of defense technologies through the blockchain technology.

Blocksafe ensures improved security and privacy of every type of gun technology hardware supported by it. If an unauthorised person tries to use this type of gun within the blocksafe network, then the owner is notified by the network via his/her smartphone.


Use Cases

The whitepaper released by the Blocksafe Foundation enumerated a variety of use-cases that the Blocksafe platform can be used for:

  • Protective Gun Vault
  • Sharing sensor data through decentralized applications
  • Smart locks
  • Preventing ransomware from taking control of IoT devices
  • Litigation
  • Product theft
  • Insurance
  • Training

Read the more detailed version here.

Now, we know that blockchains make use of consensus algorithms to establish the path to be taken from many available. On a similar keynote, Blocksafe makes use of more than three different consesnsus mechanisms to support the decentralized applications running on the platforms. With this technology in place, gang activities can be better monitored, lost firearms can be located, malignant gun use can be avoided and much more – that too, anonymously.

Will Trig be an asset to your crypto portfolio?

Yes, we at Blockchain know you have your concerns and quite understandably so. The market cap is only $31Million USD which might not be the best in the market right now but seems to be an exciting doorway that can be opened for long-term growth and achievements.

Blocksafe wanted to ensure that the process of Token Swap should be dealt with in a smooth, secure manner. To ensure that the 1 to 1 swap ratio is maintained without friction, the Foundation declared that it would only deal on Bittrex for the time being. This not only brings about exclusivity but also shows the long term vision of the team and the trust that they are aiming to build. TRIG we are sure, will be added to more exchanges and the volume of investors increase and then its potential for growth will truly be evaluated.

TRIG  we hope will come out with impressive results for the investors success always comes from investing in undervalued assets before they become known to the world. And we at ItsBlockchain, are glad to be your eyes into this world. Stay tuned for more!

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Download IBC Investment Report - Nov'2017

As Bitcoin soars, we achieved an 85% signal accuracy for the month of November. Download this report to learn more. 

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