[ICO Watch] UbiatarPlay is the Closest You Will Get to Teleportation

[ICO Watch] UbiatarPlay is the Closest You Will Get to Teleportation

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February 26, 2018 by IBC Staff

Have you ever needed to be in two places at the same time? Have you ever wanted to see a different country from your own room? Let’s be honest, we all have. And there might be a way to do just that.

In CES Las Vegas, the successful ICO engine Eidoo announced their new product UbiatarPlay. UbiatarPlay offers the power of ubiquity to its users, or in other words, allow its users to be in two places at once.

Here’s how.

What is UbiatarPlay?

“UbiatarPlay is a peer-to-peer marketplace for the Ubiatar service.”

Ubiatar may just have the solution to our teleporting dreams. With the use of a human avatar, an application and a live-stream video, it offers its users the option of “Being Everywhere.” It delivers this unique service of ubiquity using modern mobile technology on a high-performance platform.

How Does it Work?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of how the product works, let’s understand the key features of the experience.

  • Avatar: An avatar is a person that is offering their physical appearance for hire in a marketplace.
  • Usar: The user of the application, in UbiatarPlay, is called the Usar. The usar is the person that is in need of the ubiquity service and using the voice they will command the avatar to do what they need them to, provided the avatar is willing to.
  • UbiatarPlay: UbiatarPlay is the marketplace. It is where the avatars advertise themselves along with the amount of money they are expecting per hour. This marketplace will be similar to the Google Play store and the Apple App Store.

The starting point of the Ubiatar experience is the Usar and their smartphone. The Usar accesses the UbiatarPlay marketplace, chooses the most suitable Avatar for their requirement and hires them. All payments to the Avatar will and can only be made through Ubiatar’s own token called Ubiatar Coin (UAC).

Supposing the Avatar is available instantly, the Usar directs the Avatar over a high-speed network using their voice and the Avatar, using the same network, relays all the audio and visuals of the task they are on. The Avatar, for all intents and purposes, is controlled by the Usar. However, if the Avatar is uncomfortable with the task given, the avatar can choose to say no.

The tasks can be as simple as attending a meeting and taking notes, or even a twenty-minute tour of the Colosseum and with the live camera feed, the Usar can see exactly what the Avatar is up to on their smartphone device.

Cool, right?

The Virtual Reality Camera

In the current version of UbiatarPlay, the video that is transmitted to the Usar is bi-dimensional. So it only shows what one camera can see. But the founders of this product have announced that in the second revision of their product, the Avatars will have a fish-eye camera that will allow the Avatar to relay a 360-degree panorama view of wherever they are, that the Usar can scroll through depending on what they want to see.

The Blockchain Aspect

While the technology of the product itself does not entirely run on blockchain technology, it does use some of the blockchain’s key features.

The UbiatarPlay marketplace will be using the blockchain platform. The use of the blockchain platform ensures a decentralized, fully automated environment in which the users can exchange services at low transaction costs and in only Ubiatar Coins. The distribution of tokens too will be run on smart contracts that can be run on the Ethereum network and other blockchain networks.

Other than these two factors the company is also conducting an ICO. The reason they chose to have an ICO was that crowdfunding with intermediaries and on a centralized platform has proven to be more expensive, less efficient and too time-consuming. In the ICO the company is selling around 15 million UAC tokens at a stipulated price of $2 per token.

When asked why the company is choosing the ICO route instead of the IPO route, they said that the blockchain is disrupting the way they run a business because of its unmatched speed and security and also because the company is issuing its very own cryptocurrency and is trying to increase its value.

Critical Information

  • The ICO starts on the 23rd of March is going to last a month long
  • Ubiatar is offering tokens 15 million UAC’s
  • Since the product is already complete, all the money raised in the ICO will be put towards their company’s motto of making employment available to everyone and the marketing of UbiatarPlay

The Verdict

This ambitious project has captured the hearts and minds of people world over, in particular, the Star-Trek fanatics, because it is offering a real-world solution that allows people to be omnipresent. And as a species that is driven, to some extent, by massive FOMO it could not have come at a better time.

However, the challenges that lie ahead for the project are real and difficult. Pulling off a product that offers so much will be a real challenge and their target audience is already limited to people using flagship phones and people with access to the consistently high-speed internet because it definitely will be a power-hungry application. And though marketing it may seem easy, a lot of it has to be done for it to reach the projected numbers.

Having said that, this is a completely unique product and a lot of excitement surrounds it. And it is the first time that technology from sci-fi movies is being given some form of reality. So it is going to be interesting to watch how this new application is going to be received and how its use will revolutionise our day today.

Visit Ubiatar – https://ubiatarplay.io/ 

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