Why Moeda (MDA) is Pumping so hard?

Why Moeda (MDA) is Pumping so hard?

October 8, 2018 by Hitesh Malviya
moeda is pumping

What is Moeda Loyalty Points

Moeda Loyalty Points is a cooperative banking system on the blockchain with an aim to empower regular people across the world and promote the interests of excluded communities in a way that is fair and sustainable. Its available on leading exchange – Binance for trading.

Coin Information

Market Cap: 16 M$

All Time Low: 0.00005217 BTC

All Time High in 2018: 0.0004529 BTC

All Time High: 0.00088 BTC

Trading Range(7 Days): 0.000059 – 0.00013 BTC

Growth in last 7 days: 110%


Why It is Pumping?

  • First reason : Its is shilled hard by traders on twitter because of its low supply. The total supply of MDA is 20,000,000. Around 99% Supply is on circulation. Other coins with similar or over supply are trading above 1$. Waltonchain is an example trading above 3.5$ having 40 M Supply, Waltonchain was also pumped in past and supply was the only catalyst for pumps.
  • Second Reason: MDA is currently sitting at very thin support and resistance zone which is getting manipulated by Whales with 47 BTC wall to pump and dump prices in minutes.


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