Why you should own Bitcoin?

Why you should own Bitcoin?

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August 7, 2018 by Hitesh Malviya
why own bitcoin

Bitcoin is one of the greatest and revolutionary inventions of the decade. In last 7 years, Bitcoin has grown more than 88889.59%.  We have come up with some reasons that you can not avoid investing in Bitcoin.

Why own Bitcoin?

  1. It’s a better form of money because it works in a free market. Unlike some governments, you can’t print money out of thin air. It has a limited supply. Decentralization is one of the major driving factors for Bitcoin, which is another reason for having Bitcoin.
  2. It’s easy to use, store and transport across the borders. Bitcoin derives its value from limited supply and increased adoption due to convenience, border-less and decentralized solutions it provides.
  3. Bitcoin being a medium of exchange like money is non-correlated to traditional investment classes.
  4. Bitcoin has constantly provided better returns than gold always in a certain time frame. Bitcoin is not about instant profits, it’s more like an investment in the future because that’s what it does. It makes future easy for us and opens up a number of opportunities for the world to govern in a better way.
  5. Bitcoin has become more of a store of value, like Gold. With supply being halved every 4 years, it’s value is just gonna increase overall. So stay invested!

There can be a bunch of reasons to not own Bitcoin but look for those reasons as well which specify why you should own cryptocurrencies, mainly Bitcoin. Because reasons for not having, are generated by analysis of previous trends in an old-fashioned way. This industry is new, this technology is new, and Bitcoin aims to bring an entire economic and technological reform because the current structure has become old enough for the world which needs fewer borders and more innovation.


Bitcoin Price can reach 100,000$ after ETF approval

ETF is the talk of the town in the bitcoin ecosystem lately, There are more than 7 ETFs has been filled by different companies. The industry is overall bullish on Bitcoin ETF Approval. One of the SEC Commissioner looks very confident about its approval coming up in next few months.  VanEck which is the ETF Product by CBOE started bitcoin futures trading this year is likely to be approved by SEC, But it’s quite uncertain that it will approve on 10th August. There are higher chances that one of the ETF application will be finally approved by SEC by Q1 of 2019. Bitcoin is expected to start a mega bull run after ETF got approved by SEC. Gold was increased around 350% after ETF approval, Bitcoin is expected to pull off the mega bull run like Gold.

Final Thoughts

Don’t become a bear, Be a bull – Keep buying Bitcoin when you can.

Disclaimer- All the views presented here are subject to the market risk. Always do your own research. And happy investing!


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