Hey, you. Want to win 0.5 BTC? This contest is for you.

Hey, you. Want to win 0.5 BTC? This contest is for you.

September 26, 2017 by Hitesh Malviya

You read that right. We’re running a contest and giving away huge BTC prizes away. Details –

Over the last year or so, ItsBlockchain has garnered a large following because of our popular prediction posts. Through thorough research and from experience of trading ourselves, we have been able to provide fairly accurate signals through our posts.
This time around, we want you to make the predictions. Do your research and tell which coins will perform well for the next month.

Contest format –

1) Write a list of 5 coins which you think will do well for the month of October.
2) This list should be in the form of a Google Doc or a YouTube video.
3) Submit your entry here – https://goo.gl/forms/gmr8UetvrNfzKECV2
4) Each coin you mention on your entry should be backed with research and a technical analysis (Here’s an example
5) Top 10 articles will be featured on our site

Judging criterion –

1) The top 10 list will be featured between the 11th and 20th of November.
2) Each pick will be done by our internal judging committee, who will look at the level of detail in the article and corresponding market result on the 20th of October.

Results –

1) On the 21st of October, we will make a poll on this group, each linking to your lists on our site.
2) Use the comments thread to pitch your list to the audience and garner votes.
3) Article with the most votes wins the prizes.

Prizes –

1) 0.5 BTC* for the most accurate list**
2) 0.3 BTC* for the 2nd most accurate list**
3) 0.1 BTC* a piece for the 3rd and 4th place**
*Prizes will be declared and disbursed on 31st October
**In the case of more than one accurate list, authors will be notified and the decision will be put down to vote based on traffic on site


  • Sanjay Lalwani

    Great idea…. it’s will be come with great and accurate results

  • Ian

    What’s the deadline???

  • Nishikanth

    I watched one of your recommendation about 5 coins to buy in September and their entry and exit points. I bougt them. Your perdictions and analysis was totally wrong and fake, not sure what kind of research you did. All of them tanked and I lost money.

    • Hitesh Malviya

      Our predictions depends on market. China FUD manipulated the market. I would suggest to hold them as market is getting in shape again. You will soon see them increasing.

    • Big dawg

      You are an idiot. Those were solid coins. The China FUD is what messed the market up. Or better said, gave hodlrs a discount. If you are smart, which i see you are not, you should have bought more and kepd hodling. So don’t blame the author for your ignorance. You clearly have no idea what this space is about and you are trying to get rich without having real knowledge. I am glad and soo happy you lost money. idiot.

  • Luke

    Is there still going to be an official It’s Block Chain article about altcoins to invest in during October in the next few days or are we just going to see these reader-submitted articles?

  • Harshal

    Coins for Oct not released yet ??

  • Dean


    great contest! I issued my predictions already. Will the submission date be factored in? Because waiting until the last minute (8th october?) would clearly mean more information on the market. Otherwise predicting coins from 8th to 20th of october can barely called “top coins of the month of october” 😉

  • Big dawg

    ALSO, i will give .7 BTC to whoever emais me their top 5 coins for October. (SEE we can all use peoples information to invest and pay them out a measly .5 btc .) da2smak@yahoo.com

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