Billion dollar Bitcoin scam in India, claims Indian politician

Billion dollar Bitcoin scam in India, claims Indian politician

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July 6, 2018 by Ramaa Mohan
Bitcoin scam in India

The Congress, today, has alleged that the political BJP hierarchy in Gujarat are involved in a massive black money to bitcoin conversion of over Rs 5000 crores. The party, through its spokesperson Shaktisinh Gohil, has demanded a judicial probe into matters immediately.  

The party spokesperson alleges that the said amount has surfaced in Gujarat recently and some are even claiming astronomically higher figures like Rs 88,000 crores being involved in what is being called the ‘Bitcoin Scam’.

There have been multiple reports of businessmen in the state being extorted for money by local law enforcement authorities and gangs, allegedly led by a former local BJP MLA, who has still not been brought in for questioning.

The spokesperson, while speaking to reporters, alleged that this scam that was skillfully uncovered by the local authorities is in fact multi-faceted. That it wasn’t just conversion and extortion, but kidnapping and blackmail too. He cited the case of a businessman who was extorted by the Amreli district police for 200 bitcoins and a cash demand of 32 crores.

An FIR was lodged to this effect and with further investigation from the part of CID Crime Division, Gujarat, it turned out that the entire ring was being run by a former BJP MLA. As they got closer to making an arrest, the former MLA fled and has been absconding since.

There are reports that the absconding former MLA has put out a video, threatening that if he is arrested in connection to the ‘Bitcoin Scam’ he will make sure that everyone involved in it is too. The actual source and verification of the video, however, is still a mystery as of now.  

Gohil is convinced that this ‘Bitcoin Scam’ goes right to the top of the BJP leadership and that they are using the cryptocurrency to convert their black money into white. He believes that the setup is multi faceted and that there are many parties involved along with local authorities and the former BJP MLA.

Gohil, on behalf of the Congress, demands that the Supreme Court of India look into matters and order an impartial judicial probe to substantiate or invalidate the scam that has been recently uncovered in Modi’s home state Gujarat.

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