GameFlip wants universal liquidity for digital goods

GameFlip wants universal liquidity for digital goods

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October 12, 2017 by Hitesh Malviya
GameFlip ICO

GameFlip is a digital goods marketplace, which is conducting an ICO to achieve universal liquidity for digital goods. With blockchain technology, the new FLIP token and decentralized ecosystem GameFlip aims to create a fully transparent and frictionless infrastructure for transacting digital goods. Currently, GameFlip is a market place for digital goods, which has millions of registered users and processes tens of millions of digital goods transactions. 

Unifying a Fragmented industry

Globally, gamers purchase over US$100 billion of digital goods each year. Most of these digital goods are locked within individual games meaning gamers lose all of that value if they stop playing that game. The current gaming infrastructure does not provide the transparency and security required by gamers to buy, sell and trade digital goods across multiple platforms and games.

GameFlip CEO JT Nguyen says, “The FLIP token will leverage the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain and ERC-20 token interface, the current industry standard for issuing digital assets. This infrastructure and the associated smart contracts are designed to eliminate questions of trust and protect transacting gamers from fraud.  It will also facilitate integration by game developers and publishers, with open-sourced plug-ins and software development kits (SDKs) provided by GameFlip.” 

“FLIP is the only crypto-token with an ecosystem with built-in, concrete and generous benefits for game developers and publishers. We are confident that FLIP will be adopted quickly and will emerge as the dominant crypto-token for the gaming industry,” he added. 

GameFlip Token Sale Details

Gameflip announced the upcoming sale of FLIP, a crypto-token for the peer-to-peer buying and selling of digital goods, for games across all platforms including mobile, PC, console and VR/AR. The pre-sale will run from October 13, 2017 to October 20, 2017 and the main sale from November 1st, 2017 to November 29th, 2017.

The total supply of FLIP will be capped at 100 million tokens. The price of 1 FLIP will be 0.005 ETH, with bonuses offered for early purchases and the number of tokens purchased.  

You can participate in the token sale here –

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