Pornhub, Brazzers and Nutaku Accept Verge; then why did it fall?

Pornhub, Brazzers and Nutaku Accept Verge; then why did it fall?

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April 18, 2018 by Ramaa Mohan
Verge pornhub

One of the largest adult content website, Pornhub, announced today that the would start accepting cryptocurrency in exchange for services. The company announced yesterday, that they and their counterparts Brazzers, Nutaku will now accept Verge.

In exchange for Verge coins, customers can buy themselves the different levels of subscription that Pornhub offers and other content.

Why Verge?

As soon as the announcement was made, both companies were bombarded with questions as to why they chose Verge over the conventional and powerful coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Verge is a privacy coin. That is focused on the most parts, to keep its users anonymous. And this is a perfect fit for the porn industry giant, Pornhub for obvious reasons. Using Verge assures Pornhub’s users hundred percent anonymity and thanks to its private ledger, it stays that way.

While Verge, like every other cryptocurrency, thrives on its transparency, the transactions that take place on the platform can be viewed in its public ledger. However, the ledger is protected by a privacy tool called Tor and another anonymous layer, making it difficult to extract specific IP address details, etc.

Still Falling

Volatility is a given in the crypto market. One day it’ll be unheard of high and the next it’ll stoop down to a frightening low. Verge is one of the coins that has demonstrated that over the past couple of months.

Its rise rate has been consistently low in comparisons to currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. And yesterday, even after such a huge announcement, the coin only saw a 10 cent jump. Since has fallen again.

In the last twenty-four hours alone Verge has lost a significant amount of its share price. The reason is still unknown. 

However, when a similar occurrence took place a couple of months ago and Verge lost almost 20% of its share price, an article on thought it was because of cryptocurrency advisor, Marquis Trill. 


No reports of the anything similar have come to light yet and the exact reason for Verge falling still remains unknown. But the fact that even after such large companies backing and onboarding the coin, it is still falling is a cause for concern.

Hope for the Future

Being backed by adult content industry’s giant, Pornhub, will pay off for Verge by leaps and bounds. According to Cory Price, VP Pornhub, the company has been eyeing the crypto world for a while now. Which means that this particular cryptocurrency was hand-picked amongst Bitcoin and all the altcoins.

The advantage of using Verge is the fact that the coin is one of the most private coins out there right now. While this doesn’t mean that users are completely anonymous, the coin does take a few extra steps to ensure that the identities of its users are safe, secure and anonymous.

Along with Pornhub, its counterparts like Brazzers and Nutaku have also started accepting the cryptocurrency in exchange for premium content. Giving Verge the strong foundation that it needs to grow. Maybe a little later into this partnership, it will see lesser loss and more gains.

What this partnership means to cryptocurrencies as a whole is giving it a stronger footing among the community, bringing it closer to mainstream adoption. For Pornhub, it ensures that its customers are not inconvenienced by having to reveal their credit card and bank information in order to access content and makes the entire experience more private and personal. What it will mean to Verge, as a crypto altcoin, only time will tell.

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