[IBC Prediction Contest] 5 Altcoins for October

[IBC Prediction Contest] 5 Altcoins for October

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October 4, 2017 by Hitesh Malviya

Disclaimer – This is not the official IBC list for October. In lieu of the contest, we will be launching our list on 11th October. 

The second shortlisted entry for our IBC prediction contest comes from Colin Jorgensen from the USA. Go through it let us know what you think – 

It’s been an interesting month in the cryptosphere and many of my own predictions for the month turned to complete shit, but nonetheless, I’m still under the impression October has a lot going for it and will be interested to see how these 5 alts turn up over the month.


FunFair is one of the few altcoins that has a current case-use in play – with real applications or at least a real product on the horizon.  

Sentiments:  There have been rumours that there will be a burn-off of existing tokens, possibly dropping circulating tokens and increasing market scarcity.

All-time high – 0.00000941 BTC

Current Price – 0.00000749 BTC

Expected – 0.000012- 0.000015 BTC (60-100% increase)


BAT has already had a rather impressive month despite the general consolidation and down trend of BTC and ETH through the month of September.  However, I think there’s still a fair room for growth on the horizon with new upcoming developments from the team.  

Sentiment:  BAT will be integrated into the Brave browser as early as the first week of October and may see a nice breakthrough of existing resistance seen previously in both mid-August and mid-September.  

All-time high – 0.00013 BTC

Current Price – 0.00005850 BTC

Prediction – 0.0001 – 0.00015 (71-150% increase)


September has had no shortage of anxiety with the Chinese government cracking down on ICO policy as well as the shut-down of exchanges.  Major sentiment has been putting decentralized exchanges on the forefront of hype, and ZRX is poised to have some major upside in the coming months.  

Sentiment:  ZRX has appeared to hit bottom twice in September establishing what would appear to be a base layer of support, and currently its price is operating near this level.  Additionally, advancements in RadarRelay and Ethfinex, both using the 0x protocol will likely be announced this month.  

All Time High – 0.000132 BTC

Current Price – 0.00004930 BTC

Prediction – 0.000085 – 0.00013 BTC (72-163% increase)


Kyber network is another option for decentralized exchange, but this coin comes with the direct backing and advising of Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum.  It had a meteoric ICO in the month of September, with a remarkable price increase and subsequent drop when it went live on exchanges shortly after trading began.  

Sentiment: KNC took a hit with initial profit-taking after the ICO, but given it’s one of two projects personally backed by VB, it’s likely to be successful by association alone.  And if it’s anything like the success of VB’s other advising project – OMG – it will have strong growth throughout the rest of 2017.  

All-time high – 0.000654 BTC

Current Price – 0.000447 BTC

Prediction – 0.0008 – 0.0009 BTC (79-101% increase)


Link promises to tie smart contract technology on the blockchain to 3rd party companies and organizations.  While it had a rough ICO, it’s poised to make major advancements in market cap and could see a decent return on investment in the coming months.  

All time high – 0.000106

Current Price – 0.00009150 BTC

Prediction – .00016 – 0.0002 BTC (75-118% increase)


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  • Punnu

    Without any roadmap in q4 of 2017 ,why would knc will move its already 4-5x form ico ,knc is no for me for this month

    • Colin

      Great question – and let’s chat about it – but first let’s make sure we’re on the same page with where KNC currently sits. At this moment, it’s 0.0004BTC, or ~$1.70USD. ICO price was 600KNC/1Eth, and at that time Eth hovered around $300 – thus the ICO price was $0.50USD. So currently we’re at 3.7X ICO price.

      Now to your question as to why it’s still a good investment this month. In my opinion, the best comparison we have to KNC’s performance is OMG, as these two are the only projects personally advised by VB. The ICO rate for OMG was .001ETH. On Bitfinex it opened for trading at ~4x ICO price, peaking at .0044. The initial profit-takers sold the price to the range of ~0.002 in the subsequent days.

      OMG rallied ~4 days after trading began and hit another ATH. More sell-offs, until 11 days after trading started when it broke out from 0.003Eth to 0.0065Eth.

      KNC has currently seen two peaks – one initial sell off, and one lesser surge. I believe that it will follow the pattern of OMG given its hype. OMG went from 3X ICO price to 6X ICO price in the same timeframe that KNC is starting to enter in its trading window.

      Here’s how OMG fared it’s first 2 weeks of trading: https://www.tradingview.com/x/dQbsKa1I/

  • Ratoncilo

    There is an error ! Instead of BAT graph there is 2 times 0ex graph !!

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