Top 25 crypto coins to Buy in 2018 [UPDATED]

Top 25 crypto coins to Buy in 2018 [UPDATED]

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December 30, 2017 by Hitesh Malviya
Top crypto coins for 2018

With a lot more first-time investors entering the fray, we get two main questions – which is the best cryptocurrency to invest in and which platform to buy from. In this blog we will list down the best cryptocurrency and which cryptocurrency to invest in 2018. We have already listed down the 6 best cryptocurrency exchanges .

If you’re just getting started, here’s your answer for top crypto coins to invest in the second half of 2018 – 

 Best 25 Cryptocurrency to invest in 2018


  • Bitcoin

Needless to say, this tops our list. Created by Satoshi Nakamoto, this cryptocurrency was the first in the market and has far surpassed the expectations of investors.  It is available on most of the exchanges.

Current Market Cap: $117 Billion


Buy Order: up to $7000

Our Prediction: $20000 – 25000$

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  • Ethereum

Ethereum is an open source development platform that allows developers to build and deploy decentralized apps (dapps). A lot of popular projects are launched using the Ethereum blockchain. The platform uses Ether as its token.

Current Market Cap : $49 Billion

Markets :

Buy Order  : Upto $500

Our Prediction : 1000$ – 1500$


  • Bitcoin Cash

Why Bitcoin Cash might replace Bitcoin in the future?

Forked off Bitcoin in August this year, the fork allows more transactions to be processed because of increased block size i.e. 8 MB. It also offers replay and wipeout protection.

Current Market Cap : $12 Billion

Markets :

Buy Order : upto 800$

Our Prediction : 1500$ – 2000$


  • Litecoin


Litecoin 101 – everything you need to know before buying

If Bitcoin is gold, then Litecoin is silver. It is also a fork of Bitcoin by Charlie Lee. Along with others, this currency has risen as well during the month of December and is currently the fourth largest cryptocurrency. The creator, Charlie has however sold all his Litecoin.

Current Market Cap : $4.5 Billion

Markets :

Buy Order : up to 80$

Our Prediction : 200$ – 300$


  • Ripple


Ripple (XRP) 101 – what you need to know before investing

Ripple is an open source digital payment network which is also used by banks such as the bank of Tokyo. Call it the ripple effect, Ripple’s cryptocurrency, XRP has risen a lot as well. The network is extremely fast and payments in XRP take 4 seconds.

Current Market Cap : $18.2 Billion

Markets :

Buy Order : up to 0.5$

Our Prediction : 2$ – 3$


  • IOTA

IOTA 101

It is a cryptocurrency designed for the Internet of Things (IoT). There is no concept of block or blockchain and thus no concept of mining. This also means there are no transaction fees. It uses a different data structure, tangle, which is based on a directed acyclic graph.

Current Market Cap : $2.9 Billion

Markets :

Buy Order : up to 1.2$

Our Prediction : 4$ – 5$


  • Cardano

The project aims to establish a smart contract platform which focuses on more advanced features. The team also plans to build a wallet capable of running decentralized apps on the blockchain. The total supply will be fixed at a total of 31 billion tokens.

Current Market Cap : $3.7 Billion

Markets :

Buy Order : up to 0.15$

Our Prediction : 0.5$-1$


  • EOS

EOS 101 – a new blockchain operating system

It is a blockchain based decentralized operating system which will enable businesses to build blockchain applications in a way similar to web-based applications. Elimination of transaction fees and scalability are two major features of the software.

Current Market Cap : $7.3 Billion

Markets :

Buy Order : up to 10$

Our Prediction : 20$ – 30$


  • Polymath


Polymath 101 – A platform to tokenise securities

The Polymath Network is a blockchain-based system to coordinate and incentivize participants to collaborate and launch financial products on the blockchain. The Polymath team aims to create a standard token protocol which embeds defined requirements into the tokens themselves to ease the primary issuance and secondary trading of blockchain securities tokens.

Current Market Cap: $107 Million

Markets :

Buy Order : up to 0.4$

Our Prediction : 1.5$-3$


  • NEO

Formerly known as Antshares, it is often called the Ethereum of China. It is very much like Ethereum but it also supports decentralized commerce, identification, and digitalization of assets. It also closes loopholes that have caused Ether contracts to be vulnerable to hackers.

Current Market Cap : $2.4 Billion

Markets :

Buy Order : up to 40$

Our Prediction : 100$ – 2000$

  • Stellar


5 reasons to invest in Stellar ($XLM)

Stellar is a system for sending and receiving money in any pair of currencies. The transaction fees are really cheap and it is fast. Moreover, it is backed by names like Mozilla, The CEO of WordPress, the director of Apache Foundation etc.

Current Market Cap : $3.2 Billion

Markets :

Buy Order : up to 0.25$

Our Prediction : 1$-2$


  • Lisk


Lisk 101 – the next operating system for blockchain applications?

It is a public blockchain platform that provides decentralized apps. Contrary to Ethereum, does not use solidity, and instead uses Ethereum.

Current Market Cap : $575 Million

Markets :

Buy Order : up to 6$

Our Prediction :15$-25$


  • TRON

Tron 101 – a global content entertainment system on the blockchain

Tronix(TRX) is the official currency of TRON. TRON aims to be a decentralized entertainment content sharing platform. It will allow creators to cut down middlemen such as the Apple store and Google Play Store.

Current Market Cap : $2.4 Billion

Markets  :

Buy Order : upto 0.04$

Our Prediction : 0.15$-0.3$




Ontology- Portfolio recommendation with fundamental & technical analysis

Ontology blockchain framework supports public blockchain systems and is able to customize different public blockchains for different applications. Ontology supports collaboration amongst chain networks with its various protocol groups.

Current Market Cap : $2.25 Billion

Markets :

Buy Order : up to 5$

Our Prediction : 15$-25$

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  • ICON

It aims to connect organizations like Government departments, universities, hospitals and financial institutions to connect and interact without any third party networks. This will prevent delay and avoid transaction fees.

Current Market Cap : $645 M

Markets :

Buy Orde : upto 2$

Our Prediction: 6$-10$


  • NEM

NEM is the world’s first Smart Asset blockchain. Built from the ground up for enterprise-grade performance, NEM’s blockchain technology delivers a world class platform for management of almost any kind of asset: currencies, supply chains, notarizations, ownership records and more.

Current Market Cap : $1.6 Billion

Markets                     :

Buy Order                 : upto 0.2$

Our Prediction         : 0.8$-1$


  • NANO

Nano 101 (formerly Raiblocks) – Scalability unlimited?

NANO hopes to be an efficient alternative to fiat currencies. Like IOTA it uses a directed acyclic graph algorithm. It uses a concept called block-lattice.

Current Market Cap : $351 Million

Markets                     :

Buy Order                 : up to 3$

Our Prediction         : 10$ – 15$


  • Mainframe


Mainframe 101- What you need to know before investing


Mainframe network is the messaging layer of the new web. It has been developed on top of five main principles which are; encryption, peer-to-peer architecture, interoperability, incentivisation and dark routing.

Current Market Cap : $35.9 million

Markets :

Buy Order : $0.017 USD

Our Prediction : 0.08$-0.12$


  • Wanchain

Wanchain 101 – Linking future assets with cross chain smart contracts

Wanchain is a powerful blockchain solution that is based of the Ethereum blockchain. Wanchain will allow customers on their network to transfer digital assets and funds one safely within the same chain or even across different blockchains with the use and implementation of cross chain transfers.

Current Market Cap : $2.4 billion

Markets :

Buy Order : $2.26 USD

Our Prediction : 8$ – 10$


  • VeChain


VeChain 101 – the strongest logistics based blockchain project

Vechain is platform that is enabled by blockchain that is utilized to optimize and enhance the effect of supply chain management processes. Combining the force of two of the blockchain’s most powerful features, i.e its untamperable state, VeChain gives its customers the power to decide the quality and authenticity of the products they manufacture and buy.

Current Market Cap : $1.2 Billion

Markets :

Buy Order : $2.33 USD

Our Prediction : 15$ – 25$

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  • Golem

Golem is an innovative idea which aims to decentralize computing power. It is a global, open-sourced supercomputer that anyone can access. Anyone can make money by renting out their computing power or developing and selling software.

Current Market Cap : $252 Million

Markets :

Buy Order : $0.314

Our Prediction : 1$-1.5$


  • Omisego

OmiseGo (OMG): Unbanking The Banked

Omisego is a decentralized exchange and payment service which allows instant exchange and conversion of digital assets and cryptocurrencies with high liquidity. Omisego also provides payment APIs that allows a user to pay to a merchant in any token but the merchant will receive payment in preferred token.

Current Market Cap : $1.01 Billion

Markets :

Buy Order : $7.24

Our Prediction : 10$ – 20$


  • Zilliqa

Zilliqa : A high throughput Blockchain

Zilliqa is a blockchain payment solution that is focussed on the scalability issue that all blockchain platforms are currently facing. Their aim is to make sure that their network can work off the disadvantages of the networks that have come before them in terms of robustness and scalability.

Current Market Cap : $557 Million

Markets :

Buy Order : $ 0.0736 USD

Our Prediction : 0.2$ – 0.3$


  • Basic Attention Token

Basic attention Token (BAT) – A money making opportunity

Basic Attention Token is an advertising and attention-based service that is provided on the Brave Platform. The token’s utility is based on the attention of the user.

Current Market Cap : $252 Million

Markets :

Buy Order : $0.25

Our Prediction  : 1$ – 1.5$


  • PundiX

Pundi X wants to take Crypto to everyone in the world

PundiX is a newbie in the cryptocurrency market. Its aim is to make cryptocurrencies more usable and accessible as a payment method. They have a range of devices that have matching cards, which are used in the same way as a standard card machine.

Current Market Cap : $336 Million

Markets :

Buy Order : $0.0037 USD

Our Prediction : 0.01$ – $0.015$


Coin statistics were collected on 10th July 2018. Rates might differ depending upon the date you’re reading on.

 Disclaimer: Do your secondary research before invest in any coin mentioned in this article. This list is  collective efforts of our team to provide suggestions to our readers.

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