Top 4 Blockchain Conferences in 2018

Top 4 Blockchain Conferences in 2018

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September 8, 2018 by Ramaa Mohan
top 4 blockchain conferences

The tell-tale signs of any growing industry is the events it hosts, the networking events and its conferences. This is the one norm that the cryptocurrency and the blockchain industry adheres to and does it well at that.

Here is a list of  4 upcoming Blockchain industry events and conferences you should consider attending.

Top 4 Blockchain Conferences and Events in 2018


NEXT BLOCK Conference; Evolution of Money

KRYPTON Events and CRYPTOVEST have come together to deliver NEXT BLOCK Conference; Evolution of Money. The conference is to take place in NDK Sofia, in Bulgaria from the 14th of September.  

The keynote speaker at the conference is Sterlin Lujan. Sterlin Lujan is the communications ambassador for There are multiple other speakers and dignitaries who will be attending the conference including; Marc P. Bernegger, Aviya Arika, etc.

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Block Seoul, Korea

Block Seoul is a three-day blockchain conference. The conference is scheduled to start on the 17th and go on till the 19th. The agenda of this conference is to discuss the future of the industry and introduce many new players into the market.

The conference itself has many group discussions with very influential people forming the panel. For example, the keynote address of the conference is being delivered by the Founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales and the Former Director of the CIA, Micheal Hayden.

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Malta Blockchain Summit

Malta being the first country to put in place regulatory framework for the cryptocurrency market, no surprise, has its own blockchain summit. The Malta Blockchain summit is a 2-day conference discussing the way forward with cryptocurrency playing a key role.

This is probably the only conference in the world right now, for which the keynote speaker is the Prime Minister himself. Joseph Muscat will be delivering his keynote address on how he made Malta the blockchain island it is and how he intends to lead the world into its new financial era. This conference is scheduled to take place from the 1st to the 2nd of November.

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Beyond Blocks Summit, Bangkok

The Beyond Blocks Summit is a two day long Blockchain conference that is held in Bangkok. The significance of this particular event is that it stresses the position that the Southeast Asian market is currently in, as the largest growing online market.

The five days are filled with interactive one-on-one session and group discussions too. The conference is scheduled to take place from the 26th to 27th November. The conference itself is preceded by a Beyond Blocks Blockchain week, which is a five day long period that is filled with blockchain discussions, events and networking opportunities. The keynote speaker at this conference might be Michael Novogratz, founder and CEO of Galaxy Digital Capital Management, USA.

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